MTN MoMoPay’s Bosco Katala an Instant Hit

Over the years, we have had a number of catchy television and radio adverts that have gone on to become household names and bring individuals starring and voicing them to instant fame. Previously, it was Baby Junior (‘Baby Ndunia’) by Movit Products.

Today, we have MTN MoMoPay that tells the story of a one Bosco and how he discovered the service. MTN MoMoPay is a service that enables merchants receive payment for goods and services using MTN Mobile Money without extra charges, taxes or withdrawal fees.

Bosco is still enjoying the MTM MoMoPay service

The promotional advert is trending thanks to the captivating humor in it and the memorable jingo playing as Bosco hustles before discovering how to use the service that made his life much easier. Like all great ads, this has all the elements of a memorable ad characterized by a grabbing tag line and humor making it irresistible. It is hard to not sing along when it plays on radio or laugh uncontrollably when it airs on TV.

This ad demonstrates how the service meets the needs and does it in a compelling, memorable way.

Who is Bosco?

Bosco the comical character in the advert, a little known actor real name Kasirye Siraje. He is attached to Extreme Casting based in Ntinda. He is seen getting excited after learning about MTN MoMoPay. When contacted by ChimpLyf to talk about how he feels about the now popular ad, he declined to comment but rather referred us to his agent named Wilber on grounds that he is still under contractual obligations and therefore not in position to say anything.The nice looking female cashier who demonstrated to Bosco how the service works is Linette Lenz.

Linette Lenz the cashier in the ad being prepared for shooting

About the Ad

We have since established that the ad was shot by Swangz Avenue at Freedom City Shopping Mall and four other locations.


The jingo was written and sang by Yese Oman, who happens to be singing diva Vinka’s song writer.

According to Swangz Avenue CEO Julius Kyazze, the entire shooting process lasted about a month. “We shot the ad in 2 days but prepped for it for 2 weeks and edited it for another week. Entire production process was 4 weeks” he tells ChimpLyf.

About the concept, Kyazze says his team worked together with TBWA the agency handling MTN’s integrated marketing and communication function.

TBWA took over this role last year in July after MTN parted ways with Metropolitan Republic.

Swanz Avenue production team on set of shooting the MTN MoMoPay Bosco ad

The entire Swangz film production team worked on the ad led by Benon Mugumbya as the Executive producer, Tosh Gitonga directed the ad, Cathy Lusagi and Viboyo as the producers, Andrew Mageto as the director of photography (DOP) and Isaac Ekuka as Ass DOP and others.

When asked whether he knew the project would be successful while shooting, Kyazze replied, “We knew it was a beautiful story…and it was going to be executed well”.

Swangz Avenue has worked on a number of commercial ads before including; Stanbic Bank’s current ‘A Better tomorrow’ ad, Africell’s Fik Fameica ad, and has also produced ads for Airtel in different African countries like Malawi, Rwanda and others.

After shooting, the Swangz Avenue team congratulated themselves for what they described as ‘job well done’. “Every job with its thrill… directors’ demands, client expectations, budgets, cast issues, permits and even racing the sun…ut when all this comes together, a beautiful story of Mtn’s Bosco can’t be told any better. @swangzfilm @fcia MTN Uganda” the team posted on social media.

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