MTN Make Callertunez More Affordable as they Cut Charges

After a litany of complaints from the public about data issues, MTN has decided to use other avenues to lighten up the mood of its customers.

They have made activation of Callertunez more convenient, easy to use and affordable.

Tunes can now be activated for 30 days at a cost of only Shs700 unlike in the past when it used to be expensive to change the boring ring-ring sound heard by those calling ‘you’.

In addition to the price reductions, each activated caller tune will now be valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

According to Kenneth Kiddu, the MTN Acting Chief Marketing Officer, “With the revamped MTN Callertunez our customers will not have to renew their preferred caller ring back tune every day. The new offering now allows customers a monthly activation or renewal at only Shs700 per month for a tune.”

It now means that for only Shs700 per tune, MTN Callertunez customers can have one, two or more tunes activated for an uninterrupted period of 30 days.

Kiddu explained that MTN CallerTunez was originally a monthly one off subscription of Shs550 plus another Shs550 for every MTN CallerTunez activated per month.

“With the revamped MTN CallerTunez we have moved back to the more affordable and convenient monthly fee of UGX 700 per tune,” Kiddu said.

The new offer enables customers to select tunes of their choice; ranging from entertaining, informative, educational, spiritual or inspirational.

MTN also continues to support local content by uploading more Ugandan artists’ songs to the MTN CallerTunez menu.

The works of very many Ugandan music artists and producers has been boosted as a result of listing their music and recordings on MTN CallerTunez.

Some of the Ugandan artistes that continue to earn from this include Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Ziza Bafana, Lillian Mbabazi, Eddie Kenzo, Ronald Mayinja, Navio, Tonix, The Mith, Keko, King Saha, Palaso, Radio & Weasel among others.

In 2015, MTN Uganda run the MTN CallerTunez Awards that promoted and recognized various local artistes with prize monies for having their music recordings as the most activated tunes by MTN customers.

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