Mr. Katikkiro, We Have Defied You; We Can’t Just ‘Move On’

By Baker Batte Lule Kirwana

While addressing the Lukiiko(Buganda parliament) on Monday April 5th, erectile Charles Peter Mayiga the Katikkiro of Buganda said as quoted by Daily Monitor, viagra 100mg  “whoever was defeated should know that there is always a loser in every race. “For instance, cialis 40mg last week’s Supreme Court ruling left some people excited, but there are those who are still aggrieved up to this time. The truth is that; following the rule of law is the right path and we ought to respect whatever the courts of law have decided so that the country can move on peacefully,”

Mayiga was referring to the seven presidential candidates and probably their supporters who were cheated just like the Supreme court observed (although the stealing wasn’t substantial enough to affect the results) in the just concluded general elections.

These statements from Mayiga I must admit are really regrettable and like Kenyans who poured their hearts out disassociating themselves from their President; Uhuru Kenyatta after he (Kenyatta) congratulated Mr. Museveni upon ‘winning’ the election.

The Kenyans overwhelmingly wrote on all social media platforms, “Not on my behalf” distancing themselves from Uhuru’s message.

I would also like to say the Katikkiro was not speaking on my behalf as a Muganda, for; since time immemorial Buganda, has never tolerated injustices. They confront them head on and not just ‘move on’ as if nothing happened. That’s why we never moved on when Obote raped our independence constitution and abolished kingdoms, exiling Sir Edward Muteesa who later died in that same exile.

We supported Museveni’s five year war of liberation because we yearned for justice and rightly so sought for what belonged to us- we never moved on! Even after 30 years of Museveni’s presidency, Buganda’s aspirations are still just that, aspirations!

That is why Mr. Mayiga is still in talks with the central government to return what was confiscated almost 50 years ago. I gather it is the reason he signed that secretive deal with Mr. Museveni in 2013.


Mr. Mayiga, why doesn’t Buganda move on 50 years later?

We still hear tales (pun intended) of “9000 square mile of land (milo akeenda), we hear of ssente z’obusuulu (rent), we still hear of federo among other folktales. It is in the same spirit that we are also saying we can’t just move on as if nothing happened.

In an interview with the Daily Monitor of Tuesday, May 12/2015 Mayiga said, “People have everyday concerns; issues like unemployment are very much alive, issues like health facilities, educational institutions, food production and money in their pockets.”  You’re very right Katikkiro, these issues you’re enumerating are the real concerns of every Ugandan across the breadth of this country.

So when you tell them to move on you are telling them to move own with unemployment, nonexistent health and education sector. Have you read that the only cancer machine in Mulago has broken down and that government has no 1.5million dollars to buy a new one?

All these have been perpetrated by your NRM government that you’re telling us we should move on with.

In the same interview you go on to say that, “I have traversed the entire kingdom and witnessed poverty that can be a tourist attraction. People must have food, they must not share their houses with animals, and they must drink safe water. They must have an income and that is why I say everybody above the age of 18 who does not suffer any bodily infirmity must earn at least one dollar a day.”

Mr Mayiga these are the same things Dr Besigye is saying.  Do you know who is responsible? It is the same rotten regime you want us to go on with.

Unlike you, Dr. Besigye is offering a way out of them and you are trying to tell us to move on. You don’t want him to help you fix this, because frankly what NRM and particularly Museveni failed to do when he had the goodwill of the people, can never do it now when he has to contain the same population that is certainly after him.

Mr. Mayiga you said that “Human dignity is the bedrock of political freedom.” You are also very right here. You remind me of the time when you were held incommunicado for days. You were taken around the country from one location to another and held in filthy cells.

Do you remember your crime? No you don’t, but I will remind you. You were campaigning against bad laws that you said were targeting the kingdom, but the emperor didn’t like it. He didn’t want anyone to oppose him.

Can I also remind you that Dr. Besigye whom you’re telling to move on, has been arrested more times than my memory can contain. He has also been under house arrest for almost two months ever since Kiggundu started tallying the fraudulent presidential vote.

Where is the dignity you’re talking about when Dr. Besigye, the epitome of people’s aspiration is dragged like a chicken thief by thuggish like police officers into a waiting black police van that has been described as a torture chamber?

In the same interview you continue to say, “I am not an activist. My job is to preserve and defend the kingdom interests.” So do you mean to tell me sir that telling us to move on after this award winning fraudulent election is a kingdom interest?

Do you mean to say Buganda Kingdom that I have been so passionate about condones injustices and the best it can tell me is to move on?

You go on to say, “What I will not accept is anyone to think their political interests are necessarily the interests of Buganda. I advise the Opposition to look at the many weaknesses of government and point them out.”

I want to use your words Sir, that Buganda’s or to put it more unmistakably, your interests are surely not the interests of people residing in the area that makes up Buganda.

I hasten to add that what we are trying to do is to point out that government tinkered with our votes and what Kiggundu declared was not the aspiration of our people; all election observers worth the name have attested to this fact.

Mr. Mayiga do you remember saying this during your first address to the Lukiiko, “The health sector has been run down; the universal education programme has failed. With a federal system of government, the kingdom will concentrate on social service delivery as the [central] government concentrates on building the army and buying tear gas,” Like you observed rightly, this is what you want us to move on with?

Indeed we have more teargas cars than ambulances and currently Kampala is like a war zone even worse than Mogadishu in police and other security agencies presence.

This is what you are telling us to move on with.  “I’m respectful of the leaders but I will take on anyone who undermines my king. I neither have guns nor any form of artillery, but my strength is in the power of the people of Buganda and God the Almighty,”

That is a very true statement. Indeed all agents of change led by Dr. Besigye have no guns or any form of artillery. Like you, Besigye and others like him also have the strength in the people of not only Buganda but the whole of Uganda.

Those are the people who braved all forms of intimidation and delays to vote with their feet for change which was circumvented by the state.

Therefore Mr. Katikkiro, like Dr. Besigye has consistently said, we will win by defiance not compliancy. And I proudly tell you we have defied your advice of moving on. Just like Buganda has failed to move on, we can’t also move on like this.

You can’t move on with injustice you confront it head on and that’s what were are going to do. There is always a limit to everything. And this is as far as it goes!!1

The writer is a journalist

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