MPs Who Seconded Lifting the Presidential Age Limit Should Be Voted Out – Amuriat

Patrick Oboi Amuriat has rallied the people of West Nile to vote out Legislators who participated in the lifting of the Age Limit clause in December 2017.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Presidential Candidate made these remarks during a guest appearance on Access FM in Arua City on Sunday November 22, 2020.

Speaking yesterday, Amuriat said that while his Government plans to revisit all amendments including the lifting of Article 102 (B), those responsible for this calamitous decision should be held to account at the forthcoming polls.

“All the MPs of West Nile who are NRM betrayed the people and really should not be voted back to parliament because these fellows just wished death upon all the people of Uganda. The people of West Nile are suffering under Museveni and yet they go and vote for him to stay in power,” he intimated.

Amuriat added that those legislators’ calamitous deeds had condemned Ugandans to infinite misrule/oppression which would not be the case had they stood their ground and protected the constitution.

“The latest betrayers of the people of Uganda are the 317 NRM MPs who accepted to take 200 million each to remove age limits. Otherwise we would not be talking about Museveni now; he would not be on the ballot paper,” he elaborated.

At the time the amendment was passed in December 2017, it had been hoped that President Yoweri Museveni who was then aged 73 years would not be eligible to run for office in 2021 having exceeded the 75 year cap.

FDC’s Patrick Amuriat enjoying local brew with locals in Arua.

However, in the face of this adversity, Amuriat pledged to rule at most for 10 years and resuscitate the age limit cap which was scrapped under similar circumstances in 2005.


Unrealistic pledges

Like all politicians, Amuriat is no stranger when it comes to making exceedingly large campaign promises.

Right from November 9, 2020 when he commenced his vote hunt in Soroti City, Amuriat has again and again pledged to give Shs 100,000 to each household as a way of mitigating challenges occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Asked whether this is realistic, he hastily stated that the solution is initiating several cost cutting measures.

“Just an example, Museveni moves with a convoy of about 40 vehicles including an ambulance, a toilet and all those things. And you know on a single trip within the country, the estimated expenditure is between Shs 600 million shillings and 1 billion shillings,” Amuriat illustrated.

“Now the money saved from that will be put into productive areas….Like the pledge of giving 100,000 is tenable, we have already done the calculations. We have about 8,000 households in this country,” he summed.



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