MPs Want Labour Liaison Official Arrested for Stealing Labour Externalization Funds

A section of legislators has asked parliament to investigate a one Yasin Abdul-Aziz Musoke, a labour liaison officer based in Riyadh whom they accuse of squandering remittances to the Uganda Association of Recruitment Agencies Fund

MPs made this call while addressing a press conference at Parliament on Monday.

Western Youth legislator Mwiine Mpaka who was in possession of a huge pile of documents disclosed that Ugandans going abroad have been paying $70 to the fund that was formed in 2017.

Unfortunately, Mpaka says this money that is meant to be used for monitoring labour workers has all long been ending up on the personal account of the Riyadh based labour liaison officer Musoke.

Mpaka says they had landed on critical leads that show how this money was being siphoned at will by Musoke using his Stanbic Bank account.

“In a period of six months alone, he has received $180,000 all credits being cheques on the external recruitment agency associations under the disguise of monitoring,” he explains.

“He has used this money to purchase different things including perfumes, rent, of shoes and so much more,” he added.

Correspondences presented by legislators indicate that the Stanbic Account was opened on 5th October 2017.


Mpaka said this fund was formed to monitor the living conditions of Ugandans working in the Middle East as a condition to reverse government’s ban on labour export firms 9th March 2017.

Commenting on this issue, Ngora county MP David Abala brushed aside talk that they were being used by some politicians but said they were serving a greater good.

“Why should this money be in somebody’s account, a private account and you use that money for whatever purposes you want. Yet many Ugandans are crying outside there,” Abala wondered.

Who is Yasin?

According to documents presented by MPs, Yasin was appointed on May 1st 2018 by Uganda’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia Ahmed Senyomo and earns about 6 million shillings monthly.

Stanbic Bank details indicate that he was born on December 23rd 1970 and he is a resident of Kisenyi in Kampala.

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