MPs to Wash Toilets to Save Hunger Stricken Teso

Members of Parliament from Teso sub region have determined to hold a nationwide fundraising campaign to procure food for famine hit communities in the eastern region, side effects if government delays to play its part.

The unhappy MPs are Kumi Woman MP, Monicah Amoding, Ngora county MP, David Abala, Kumi Municipality legislator, Silas Aogon and Dakabera County law maker, Cosmass Elotu.

These were concerned yesterday that government through the Minister of Disaster Preparedness promised to give food to the people of Teso within three months since February and a sum of Shs. 52bn was set aside for the same, yet people in Teso are still suffering.

The members said they have since frequented the Office of the Prime Minister to solicit for relief food but without success.

“Hunger is no longer a hoax, a story or a game, the people of Teso are suffering with no food and some of them have committed suicide while others have simply dropped dead,” Hon Abala said.

He pointed out that currently it is only Katakwi that has received some food items while the other people in the region are dying of hunger.

“We are therefore giving government up to Tuesday and if there is no food delivered, we shall request the Speaker of Parliament to allow us wash toilets in various offices to raise funds for this cause.”

Abala says they are also determined to hit the streets of Kampala to beg for money, wash cars and do other demeaning jobs for the sake of their people.

Monicah Amoding castigates the Minister of state for Disaster preparedness Musa Ecweru who hails from Teso for looking on when people are dying of hunger.

Minister Ecweru while distributing relief food in Katakwi district this week apologized to the residents for Police’s move to block food that had been brought in by opposition politician Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

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