MPs Threaten to Heckle Museveni at State of The Nation Address

Members of Parliament have threatened to interrupt president Yoweri Museveni today when he delivers his State of the Nation Address to Parliament, as long as he gives inaccurate or misleading information.

Kilak South MP Hon. Gilbert Olanya said today that nothing will stop him and other members from heckling the president if his speech is not reflective of what is transpiring countrywide.

Last week while presiding over parliament, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga cautioned MPs against heckling the president.

The parliamentary rules also dictate that the president’s address to the house has to be heard in silence.

“Fellow speakers in the region were shocked that people heckled the president! While there is freedom of expression, it borders on respect,” Kadaga told MPs.

Speaking today however, Hon Olanya said whenever President Museveni has been heckled; it has been because he diverted from pressing issues.

As such, he said the President tomorrow ought to stick to pertinent issues.

“What normally brings about heckling depends on how he conducts himself. And it also depends on what he is telling the nation. If he tells us something that is very touching and we feel it is very important like the succession plan, no one shall heckle him”, Olanya said.


Olanya says that with only a year left to the next general polls, President Museveni must come clean on his succession plan. He says this will help Uganda avoid turmoil and end uncertainty.

Olanya also expects Museveni to show how he intends to solve land wrangles in Northern Uganda, and to explain the 2 million shillings that was awarded as compensation for evicted families in Apaa.

Meanwhile, while speaking to ChimpReports, other Members of parliament have outlined their expectations of the President’s address.

Hon. Elijah Okupa the Kasilo county MP said in light of frosty relations with neighboring Rwanda, the president must say something.

“We expect the president to speak about security and even matters of foreign affairs. We expect him to say something about Rwanda. You have heard what Kagame has spoken on our relationship”, he predicts.

On his part, Hon. James Kakooza the Kabula county MP said he expects President Museveni to talk about electoral reforms, technological innovations and service delivery generally.

Regarding the health sector, Kakooza a former health minister says a hands on approach is needed to address systematic gaps.

“Also ministers need to be practical on the ground to solve people’s needs; absenteeism and also the coordination between local government and ministry of health”, he emphasizes.

On the other hand, Hon. Gaffa Mbwatekamwa the Kasambya county MP said Ugandans should not expect much.

Judging from previous events, Mbwatekamwa says the president is likely to repeat what he has said in the past. He says pertinent issues like irrigation schemes are likely to be sidelined in favor of political rhetoric.

Hon. John Bosco Lubyayi the Mawokota South MP said people expect to hear more of tangible achievements rather than statistical inroads. Lubyayi says people no longer listen to how many roads have been constructed and the likes. Instead, what they interested in interventions that relate to their personal life.

“We have a lot of insecurity, rampant poverty and unemployment in the country. If you talk about the three then you are talking to the people”, Lubyayi says.

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