MPs Reject Bill to Shift Holidays to Week Days

Members of Parliament of Parliament on Thursday rejected a proposal to review public holidays falling on weekends to be moved to week days.

Youthful Rakai Woman MP Juliet Suubi Kyinyamatama had sought leave of Parliament to introduce a private member’s bill titled “the Public Holidays (Amendment) Bill, 2020.”

Ms. Kyinyamatama argued that it defeats the spirit of holiday for public holidays to fall on weekends.

“Some public holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday which are known days for rest. Such public holidays may not be given their desired recognition, honor and visibility, while some may go unnoticed,” Kinyamatama stated.

Just last week, Janan Luwum Day, was celebrated on Sunday. National Resistance Army day also fell on a Sunday and the upcoming Women’s Day will also be on a Sunday.

“In order to ensure a continued recognition and visibility, it is necessary to have public holidays that fall on a weekend be observed on a working day to stop them from interfering with other activities like prayers, marriage celebrations and others,” she added.

MPs rejected the justifications advanced by Hon. Kinyamatama including building a strong sense of nationalism, bonding and giving Ugandans chance to rest.

Kinyamatama had to withdraw her intentions when the rest of MPs rejected it.


Ugandans on social media are already having mixed reactions on the move though majority seems to agree with Kinyamatama.


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