MPs Propose Action On Nabagereka School Land Grabber

Parliament this afternoon held a furious debate on the recent demolition of Nabagereka Primary school in downtown Kampala.

Mps furiously questioned government’s indifference as chunks of its land holding public installations were being grabbed by private investors.

50 year old Nabagereka Primary school was last month pulled down only days to the opening of the first academic term, by a private company Boost Investments Ltd,  which claimed ownership of the land.

Boost Investments claim that the land was leased to them by Uganda Land Commission back in 1996, when it was still in custody of Government of Uganda.

The land is part of Buganda’s properties seized by the Obote regime, after the 1966 Kabaka Crisis.

The early Saturday morning demolition which was overseen by Uganda Police also left a number of families who were residing on the land, homeless.

MPs this afternoon resolved that Government suspends all allocations and takeovers of land belonging to public schools, as well as hospitals and other public installations.

In a motion moved by Lwemiyaga County MP Hon Theodore Sekikubo, the House also demanded that government immediately stops all developments that Boost Investments was planning to establish on the Nabagereka school land.

Hon Sekikubo also asked that the executive constitutes a parliamentary committee to investigate the circumstances under which the school land was seized by the company.

About 1400 pupils were attending the primary school by the close of last term, and it had 23 teachers.

Most of these have sought shelter in the nearby Nakivubo Blue Primary school.

Members tasked government to erect an emergency school facility as an interim provision for the affected pupils and teachers.

However, Minister of Education Hon Jessica Alupo told the parliament that her ministry was yet to make plans for where the pupils would be shifted to.

The Irate members expressed concern that Nabagereka Primary school and others like Shimoni, Kyaggwe road P/S, Nakasero P/S, Katwe, Kitante, Buganda road and City High school, have suffered or were on the verge of forceful take over by private investors.

“I wouldn’t be wrong to say that Uganda Police has helped in the eviction of these schools, because they watch and participate,” remarked Hon Medard Sseggona.

Mitooma District Woman MP Hon Jovah Kamateeka called for investigations into the two bodies Uganda Land Commission and Buganda Land Board, which are involved in the transfer of land ownership from government to Boost investments

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