MPs Hesitant to Approve Shs 337bn for Radios

Ministers of Finance, Education and their technical team have insisted on the need for Parliament to approve the Shs 337bn to procure radios for studies during this COVID-19 period.

State Minister of Finance in charge of Planning, David Bahati and his counterpart for Higher Education, John Chrysostom Muyingo and their technical officials returned to the Budget Committee of Parliament on Wednesday to convince Members of Parliament to agree with the government position and appropriate the money.

Muyingo told MPs that the project is for the benefit of the poor who cannot afford online studies being conducted by mainly high end schools in the capital city and other urban areas.

“Radios are important for our children in the rural areas who are not privileged to online infrastructures to help them to continue with their studies,” said Muyingo.

MPs in the Committee chaired by the Ntenjeru County MP, Amos Lugolobi said government doesn’t have a convincing research paper on the viability of the radio project for studies and it appears some people simply want to make money.

Dokolo district woman MP, Cecilia Ogwal said the Committee should not be used to legitimize business deals for some people targeting the taxpayer’s money.

“We are yet to get contented with this radio plan without a researched position. The mathematics for the money is clear but the purpose is wanting,” said Cecilia.

“There is a clear business motive and this Committee (Budget) shouldn’t be used as a rubber stamp.”


West Budama South MP, Richard Othieno questioned the program wondering why radios should be bought to facilitate learning through yet Government had announced students would resume studies by March 2021.

Government has already requested for the approval of Shs 72bn to reopen schools across the country.

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