MPs Grill Akullo on Pension Scandal

Prof Venantius Baryamureeba

According to the 2014 population census, viagra 40mg Uganda’s population stands at about 35 million people.

As of 12th December 2014 the National ID had enrolled (registered) 15, pill 775, ampoule 522 as Ugandans who are 16 years and above compared to 15,958,596 derived from the 2014 population Census for the same age bracket. Before the 2014 population census, the government of Uganda had estimated Ugandans who are 16 years and above to be 18 million.

In 2012, according to the global indicator the percentage of the population of Ugandans below the age of 15 was 48%. We know that since 2012 the percentage population of Ugandans below the age of 15 has been on the increase due to the increasing young population and as of today its estimated to be over 60%.

So when one critically analyses the National ID enrollment figures in comparison with the national census figures and other statistics the National ID data cannot be relied upon to produce a credible national voters’ register.

Let me add that when you sample 10 Ugandans you will find that about 4 never turned up for the National ID exercise? Secondly the way the data for the National ID was being corrected left a lot to be desired. We all know how easy it is to acquire a Ugandan passport. We also know that anybody whether Ugandan or not can get a letter from LCs as a proof of identity. These facts raise the key issue of whether all holders of the National ID are Ugandans?

Also most of the information captured like information about qualifications is useless, as the National ID officers never verified any of this; they just entered into the system whatever the persons provided.

In my opinion the Uganda Electoral Commission is better off updating their own register, which they used in 2011 elections and have been updating during bi-elections. But this will require more than 2 months if they are going to do a thorough update. Just relying on the data captured for the National ID will not produce a credible voters’ register.


If the Electoral Commission can provide for over a month for nomination of Parliamentary and Presidential Candidates in its roadmap to 2016 elections, it surely can find at least two months for the important exercise of updating the voters’ register in its roadmap.

Now without a credible voters’ register there can never be free and fair elections. So if the Electoral Commission wants to save face it cannot run away from its constitutional mandate of producing a credible voters’ register.

The writer is the Vice Chancellor Uganda Technology and Management University 

Members of Parliament grilled the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Director, pharm Grace Akullo on her role in the investigation and prosecution anomalies into the loss of Shs 169bn pension money that resulted in dismissal of the case.

The Parliamentary committee on Defense and Internal Affairs that sat on Thursday purposely to receive, cialis 40mg debate and approve or reject the budget of Police, couldn’t wait any longer for the next meeting to question Akullo, and had deviate and do the needful.

MPs tasked Akullo to explain the genesis and the submission of two inconsistent reports by her directorate to the Directorate of Public Prosecution that squarely compromised the evidence adduced to court.

MPs including for Aruu Samuel Odonga Otto, Muwanga Kivumbi and Theodore Ssekikubo said the pensioners loosing such a huge amount to fraudsters and the police covering it up instead of bringing the culprits to book was deplorable. The police leadership led by the line minister of Internal Affairs, Aronda Nyakairima tried to ask for time but MPs insisted on hearing from them what transpired, right away.

“We want to be told what exactly transpired in the police CIID culminating in to authoring of two reports that contradicted each other and the tax payers money got lost.” Odonga Otto who is also a lawyer said.

“Our greatest concern is how the second letter that exonerated the senior [Cairo Bank] officials came about and got its way to the defense at an astronomical and unthinkable speed.”

Big monies allegedly exchanged hands between CIID detectives led by Akullo and the suspects who later escaped off the hook by the second report.

Akullo denied the knowledge of second report before the MPs led by the committee chair Jenny Mugwanya. “I also don’t know how the second report came about though I led the investigations in to the case,” she said, adding that it was a direct indiscipline by her juniors.

This website on Wednesday exclusively published the scanned copy of a letter written and signed by Akullo herself introducing and supporting the submission of the second report.

The letter dated 31st November 2014 received and stamped, was sent by Akullo to the DPP Mike Chibita and copied to the First Deputy Prime Minister and also minister of Public Service, Henry Kajura and the IGP Kale Kayihura.

She also told the Parliamentary committee that the DPP should be asked to explain how they got and reacted on the second report that she described the authoring as indiscipline.

“The DPP also should be asked to explain how they ended up with the second letter. On my side it was the case of indiscipline by my colleagues who bypassed me and took it straight to the DPP.” Akullo added.

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