MPs Give Government 30 Days to Restructure “Wasteful” Agencies

Members of Parliament have given government an ultimatum of 30 days to restructure the dozens of agencies believed to be duplicating roles and wasting tax payer’s money.

The legislators led by the Deputy Government Chief Whip, Solomon Silwanyi addressed journalist at Parliament on Friday, a day after newspapers published a report from the Internal Security Organization (ISO) detailing how ministries, departments of government and agencies are operating vis-à-vis service delivery.

According to Silwanyi, service delivery was well when the government had just adopted the World Bank and International Monetary Fund’s Structural Adjustment Programme but the emergence of several departments, authorities and agencies within ministries have largely resulted to unnecessary spending.

“When government adopted structural adjustment policy in the early 1990s the people of Uganda benefited a lot. The coming up of many agencies have not done us any good but extreme wastage of funds,” Silwanyi said.

He stressed that the several agencies that are now independently running their activities including budget, should be reinstated back to their line ministries.

“The government should restructure these agencies and take them back to their mother ministries. Like in Agriculture ministry there are 7 agencies and Health also hosting very many.”

“We are giving government 30 working days deadline to streamline or we came up with private members Bill to restructure agencies.”

Meanwhile the Namayingo woman Member of Parliament, Hope Mukisa stated that some of the Executive Directors of the agencies have become more powerful than ministers who who are supposed to supervise them.


“In many occasions we have seen the executive directors giving orders and counter orders that literally supersede those of ministers supervising them. It’s the high time the government comes up and put things in order to avoid the current gross abnormalities,” she said.

The government is reportedly losing Shs 1.7tn annually on duplication and wastage.

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