MPs Getting Life Threats Over Age Limit Bill

Some Members of Parliament are claiming to have received threatening messages and calls from their constituents over their stance on the proposed constitutional amendment to get rid of the presidential age limit.

The amendment of Article 102 (b) that is vigorously being debated countrywide is intended to lift age limit of 75 years.

Some activists recently launched a campaign and shared MPs mobile contacts, calling on people to contact their representatives on the matter.

Chimpreports spoke to a number of MPs, some of who told us the feedback from the voters has not been as smooth.

Nakaseke South MP, Paulsen Lutamaguzi said he received several threatening messages over the weekend as well as calls.

“Museveni is determined to do anything to lift the age limit because he needs it; whether it’s a referendum or us debating and passing it, it will pass from any angle,” said the MP.

Lutamaguzi blamed Ugandans for rising at a later date demanding for change yet they’ never voted for change during the recently concluded general election.

“People are calling me even from abroad, late in the night threatening me not to allow lifting the age limit,”

Kampala District Woman MP Nabillah Nagayi Ssempala also blamed Ugandans for not supporting the opposition during the General elections, saying that the country would not be in the quagmire today.

“This is a wakeup call to all Ugandans to take the general elections seriously, Elections are our hope if we want to eliminate change; we are now panicking because of the mistakes we made, so in 2021 let those who are panicking vote for the opposition in power,” Nabilah said.

Nabillah expressed worry that however much the opposition in Parliament fights, its fight will be less felt since government outweighs them with a big margin.

Mawogola County MP Ssekabiito Kitayimbwa noted that Ugandans shouldn’t panic but wait until the the bill has been gazette and passed.

“When time comes, we will go back and consult with our constituents; we are under a multiparty system of government, I believe these messages are being circulated by the opposition.

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