MPs Face Suspension for Heckling President Museveni

Speaker of the 10th Parliament, viagra 60mg Rebecca Kadaga has Tuesday warned Members of Parliament that they risk being suspended from the house if they ever again continue heckling the president during State functions.

The Speaker said it had become a routine for members of Parliament to exercise gross indiscipline during house sittings and vowed not to allow the same from happening again.

Legislators, ampoule mostly on the opposition side have always heckled and shouted at President Museveni during the State of the Nation Addresses and the Budget Speeches despite Parliamentary rules providing that “…the President shall always be heard in silence”.

“The conduct of members during State functions, search the State of the Nation and the Budget where some members are so intolerant that they heckle and shout out at the speech of the Head of State; why don’t you just listen, come back here and trash the speech from this plenary,” Kadaga said.

The Speaker noted that this conduct has tainted the image of Parliament before the citizens and other regional leaders.

“My fellow colleagues the Speakers in the region are always wondering how this can be happening to the Head of State which doesn’t happen in other countries; we have the time to bash what the Head of State has spoken here in the house,” Kadaga noted.

“I hope that this will not happen again but if it does Honorable members, I will do something about it; last week a member was suspended in the Parliament of Zambia for heckling the head of State, you are also candidates of suspension.”

The Speaker further noted that the conduct members during the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) elections were demeaning to the house which should never have happened.

“I was very disturbed by what happened; there was gross breach of our rules of procedure, chanting of party slogans in the plenary, bringing party flags, party symbols, heckling and shouting. I pray that in future we shall conduct ourselves in a good manner.”

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