MPs Charged With Treason, Gulu Court Orders Urgent Treatment For the Injured

The Gulu Chief Magistrate Francis Matenga  on Thursday afternoon remanded the newly elected Arua Municipality MP Kassiano Wadri, three other MPs and 30 others to Gulu Main Prison.

The MPs were charged with Treason, contrary to Section 23 of the Penal Cord Act.

State told court that the suspects on Monday this week, “with intent to harm the person of the President of Uganda, unlawfully aimed and threw stones, thereby hitting and smashing the rear windscreen of the Presidential car.”

The suspects were not permitted to take a plea on the charges, given their gravity and the fact that they can only heard in a higher court.

In the fully parked court room, the suspects’ lawyers informed court that the accused were badly beaten during their arrest and detention, and that some of them needed urgent medical attention.

Indeed some of the suspects appeared in court in apparent severe pain and being helped to walk.

Counsel Medard Lubega Ssegona told the court, “We have a number of clients that were bad beaten and tortured during the process of arrest and detention, by SFC soldiers. They are in dire need of medical attention, as you observe some cannot stand.”

Among those that needed urgent attention, Segona said included one Night Asara, “who we believe her internal organs were badly damaged and is bleeding through her private parts.”


According to the lawyer, other suspects Shaban Atiku, Gamba Tumusiime and Jane Abola were badly beaten, and couldn’t stand and could only sit with extreme difficulty,

“These cannot walk without support, they cannot sit because of what we believe is internal bleeding. They need urgent attention.”

Other suspects, including MPs Gerald Karuhanga and Paul Mwiru, the lawyers say, were also severely beaten, and needed to go to hospital

“These have received some treatment from police, but this isn’t sufficient. They were advised to do limb x-ray by the police medical department.”

The Magistrate, in his ruling, directed prison authorities at Gulu Main Prison to “avail the suspects for proper medical examination, at a facility of their choice at their cost.”

The matter was adjourned to 30th August.

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