MPs Angry Over ID Registration Irregularities

Former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya on Friday stormed Kakiri Police Station, stomach Wakiso, where he decided to “arrest himself” following the detention of his supporters.

Namaye said police received information that traffic police had tried to stop two vehicles – one with worn out tyres and an overloaded omnibus in vain.

The drivers of the two vehicles refused to obey orders from traffic officers which prompted police to follow them up to Bukenya’s residence where they were holding a meeting.

As they left Bukenya’s palatial country residence, Police moved in to impound the vehicles.

Bukenya followed his supporters up to Kakiri Police Station where he found that police had already issued express penalties for the drivers of the vehicles.

“The commuter taxi was carrying 16 people instead of 14 while another vehicle had worn out tyres – which is dangerous for the driver and other road users. Kakiri Police issued receipts to penalise the drivers. As soon as this was done, Bukenya arrived at the police station saying he was not going to leave until his supporters got their cars and left,” said Namaye.

“We don’t think this was ok. Bukenya addressed the press that he had been arrested which is not true. We did not arrest him. It seems that’s how some people like to handle their political issues,” added Namaye.

She further stated that Bukenya later vacated the Police station.


“Only a bulldozer will eject me from this place. I called this meeting, so whoever arrested my supporters should have started with me. I am considering myself arrested as well,” he added.

Chimp Corps 
Members of Parliament have raised concern over the on-going National Identity Card registration process, malady calling for the provision of special facilities for Persons With Disabilities and an extension of the deadline for the registration exercise.

The MPs made the remarks during a sitting of Parliament chaired by the Deputy Speaker Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah on Thursday.

Hon. Grace Asamo representing Persons With Disabilities said that there are no facilities to cater for PWDs at the registration centres and called on government to avail them before the exercise winds up.

“There are no sign language interpreters at the registration centres.  There is also no provision for PWDs who cannot walk at the centres where the exercises are taking place, advice ” she said.

Terego County MP Hon. Kassiano Wadri called on the government to reconsider extending the deadline for the registration exercise because of the irregularities involved.

“This programme has a lot of challenges and has been riddled with corruption. Government should reconsider and extend the deadline beyond the Sunday 24th August, illness ” Hon. Wadri urged.

Hon. Jack Wamanga-Wamai (Mbale Municipality) added that some people  have hijacked the process citing local leaders who are soliciting money from the public.

“The LCs in Mbale are frustrating the exercise by asking for money before issuance of letters to those seeking to register,” he revealed.

The Minister of State for Finance Hon. Matia Kasaija acknowledged the challenges being faced and promised that the Minister concerned would brief Parliament on the progress made.

Rt. Hon. Oulanyah directed the Minister of Internal Affairs to make the statement to Parliament about the same on Tuesday 29th July 2014.

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