Mpigi: Woman Defiles 8 Year Old Boy

Police of Mpigi district have in custody an 18-year-old woman who reportedly defiled an 8-year-old male juvenile of Top class.

The law enforcement body said that the incident occurred in October last year and the investigations and a hunt for the suspect has been on since the case was reported to the area station late last year.

According to police, “the suspect called the victim and asked him to take her clothes inside her room. She followed him into the room, removed the victims trousers stimulated him into an erection and sexually molested the victim.”

It is said the juvenile victim narrated to his mother and indicated that the act happened twice within the month of October that year.

Spokesperson Fred Enanga said that the little boy described the act which reportedly started with fondling of his male organs, but progressed into an act where his sexual organ was inserted inside her vagina.

He added that the mother reported the on 31st /12/ 2019 after the narrative from the son on 28th /12/2019.

The suspect has been only identified as Nakato has been charged with aggravated defilement waiting to be presented in courts of law.

In a separate development, the headteacher of St Charles Lwanga High school also reported a defilement case of a 17 year old female student by a teacher at the same school.


Police says the matter was reported and the suspect was also arrested for aggravated defilement.

In this regard, the law enforcement body has come out to caution parents and caretakers to always be vigilant and closely monitor movements of their children and in particular with known persons.

It has been noted that such acts of sexual abuse and grooming are initiated by known persons to the families.

In the meantime, police is also calling upon and encouraging people who would have been victimized under similar circumstances report to their nearest police stations to such that the perpetuators are arrested and charged.

This appeal however comes just days after different women took on social media to name and shame people especially men for raping them.

Most of the people who have been named and shamed include, known businessmen and some media personalities in the country.




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