MP Tusiime: Religious Bodies Should Engage in Income-generating Projects

By Joshua Nahamya

The Mbarara Municipality Member of Parliament, Michael Tusiime has appealed to religious bodies to focus on projects that generate income and avoid money wasting activities.

Mr Tusiime, who officiated at the Eid Al Fitr prayers at Abubakar Mosque in Mbarara town, spent the better part of his time to sensitize Moslems on the merits of investing on sustainable ventures that in the long run bring more money and also create jobs for their members.

“I congratulate all Muslims for completing the fasting period and reaching Eid in good health. I am also humbled to be invited to this event,” said the MP.

The legislator commended the Muslim community for starting a small hospital that is working on 5,000 patients a month and donated 400 bags of cement for its expansion.

“Opening a hospital is a good idea I am going to make my humble contribution of 400 bags of cement to help to expand it. These are kinds of activities our religious bodies should engage on,” he stated.

Tusiime noted that he recently advised a church within the municipality that requested for a motorcycle for the catechist to instead identify something that empowers them economically.

“I told them that the motorcycle is going to require fuel and they can’t get it from government; therefore they should think of something profitable.”


The MP concluded that he participated in the budget process whereby the government is only going to raise half of the total Shs 32tn while the remaining half is to be borrowed.

“We should all work hard to help our government realize revenue to support the budget. The luxury of waiting for the government to give you free things is now very limited.”

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