MP Slams US Ambassador Malac’s Deep Involvement in Uganda Affairs

Former Ethics and Integrity Minister, Hon James Nsaba Buturo has attacked the US Ambassador to Uganda HE Deborah Malac, accusing her of getting deeply involved in the country’s affairs.

Butuuro told press on Monday at Parliament that Ambassador Malac ought to behave like other foreign emissaries and stop interfering in the affairs of Uganda.

It is understood that in September, Malac expressed displeasure over President Museveni’s decision to repeal the GMO Bill.

“A Ugandan ambassador cannot go the States and start telling the American government what to do. They would give him or her 24 hours to leave United States soil. Why, because he will have violated standards of international practice. This nation must be respected”, Nsaba Butuuro said.

The former minister together with Kumi municipality MP Silas Ogon were addressing press on the GMO Bill, which President Yoweri Museveni recently declined to sign after it was passed by parliament.

Buturo is opposed to the bill and wants it entirely shelved.

He told reporters that he had so far enlisted majority support from fellow legislators to reject the bill that he says is an attempt by multinational companies to control Uganda’s food system.

He wondered why Uganda is bent on accepting GMOs when they appear unpopular all over the world.


“May I remind you that over 60 eminent scientists from the European Union have written in support of banning the GMOs? Over 80 nations have banned GMOs including USA and on the continent we have Kenya lately, Ghana and some others”, Butuuro said.

Against this, Butuuro says it would be cynical of Uganda, whose foods enjoy a comparative advantage on the world market to accept inorganic foods.

“Why do they want us to buy or sell or to produce GMO foods?  Where shall we sell what we produce? There is no market for GMO foods anywhere. GMO foods are intended for animals and even animals it is not wise that you do so because these are animals you and I eat”, he adds.

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