MP Nambooze, Buganda Leaders Finalize Plans to Formalize ‘Bad DP’

Mukono Municipality MP Betty Nambooze together with other leaders from Buganda have finalized plans to form what they call the ‘Bad Democratic Party.’

During this year’s Liberation Day in Masindi , viagra 60mg President Museveni applauded some members in the opposition party including Fred Mbidde as being  ‘good DP’ and termed those hostile to him as the ‘Bad DP’.

On Friday morning, buy information pills Nambooze told journalists at Cardinal Nsubuga Leadership Centre that together with other party members mostly from Buganda, they have organized a Delegates Conference at the end of this month in which they will brainstorm on transforming   into the ‘Bad DP’.

The planned conference has since been daubed by DP President Norbert Mao as illegal and consequential.

“We need to plan and make a foundation that will deliver us to into the 2021 elections stronger and ready to take power,” Nambooze told journalists.

The Mukono Municipality MP said that a lot has gone on during the current DP leadership under Norbert Mao which he said need to be changed for the good of the opposition party.

Citing issues relating to the party constitution and rebranding, Nambooze explained that if the party is to take leadership, a lot of changes need to be effected by its members.

“Every one of us in the party has sinned because we don’t know the code of conduct. Many members have been expelled and the party president goes bragging about it.”

“This can’t be a legacy that Mao boasts of that he expelled members from DP,” Nambooze fumed citing members like Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, Latif Ssebaggala among others  who went on to support other parties after being expelled from DP.

Nambooze said there is need for restoration of truth and justice within the party, an attribute she said has been lost by the oldest party.

She equated a political party to a vehicle that needs to be serviced, checked for flat tyres and given a good driver.

“We can’t keep on singing the same slogans and songs 63 years later. We are not a cultural institution that we follow what our grandfathers set .We need to be innovative, ”she urged.

“We need to work towards regaining   public trust we used to enjoy in the 1960s and 80s so that DP is a party of choice to form government.”

Nambooze asked that a committee for truth and reconciliation be constituted on top of resurrecting reports made in the past in regards to the chaos and division in the party.

“We demand an opportunity from Mao to grant us freedom of speech because this is our generation to revive the party and not collaborating with Museveni.”


The motor –mouthed MP noted that there might be harsh repercussions from the party leadership towards her decisions on rebranding of the party but noted she is ready to face it.

“This is a risk we are willing to take and eager to face the repercussions. We are ready to be expelled from the party,” Nambooze noted.

“We need a DP that sets agenda, not one that discusses what has already happened.”

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