MP Mwijukye Urges Government to Prioritize Education

The member of parliament for Buhweju Constituency Francis Mwijukye has asked government to prioritize the education sector as a way of relieving some of the country’s overburdened parents.

The Opposition MP made the call on Sunday at a fundraising towards the construction of St. Paul Biharwe H/S girls’ dormitory in Mbarara municipality.

Mwijukye said that such fundraisers have turned into a huge burden to the parents who can barely afford having all their children in school.

Some of the items auctioned at the Fundraiser
Some of the items auctioned at the Fundraiser

“Education in this country is not being given the attention it deserves, pilule yet most all of us are where we are because we went to school, healing ” he said

The MP asked government to inject more money in education if the country is to move to the next socioeconomic level.

“Education is a basic need; it is not just a privilege. We cannot start schools and then call upon parents for fundraisings to sustain them. These are parents who are already struggling to pay school fees and taxes.”

“We must put to use the taxes that Ugandans pay to build laboratories and libraries in schools so that students get the education they deserve.”

Mbarara MP Michael Tusiime
Mbarara MP Michael Tusiime

Speaking at the event, Mbarara Municipality MP Hon. Micheal Tusiime urged parents ensure that their children stay in school, where they are less exposed to crime.


At the event, Shs 30million was collected out of 350million needed for completion of the girls’ dormitory.

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