MP Kabaziguruka to Undergo Second Surgery and Situation Worsens

Nakawa Division MP Michael Kabaziguruka’s health has continued to degenerate, and will be heading for another surgery on his fractured leg next week.

The MP was involved in a near fatal accident in July last year at Lugogo, while he was driving in an Ambulance to pick up patients.

He was operated on 31 July 2017  but never recovered fully as doctors had hoped.

Nine months down the road, he said, his condition continued to deteriorate and doctors recommended that he flies to China for more specialized treatment, but he was unable to raise the money.

With the pain getting worse, the MP says he will now have to go through another surgery.

“From March 2018 my leg got worse and the pain has become unbearable, I have tried all pain relief remedies to naught,” he said.

“My doctor has therefore recommended that I have to undergo surgery again to relieve the pain. I will therefore be admitted on Monday and operated on Tuesday 24.April.2018 and God willing I will go through it successfully.”

Kabaziguruka claims he failed after several attempts to get aid from government to have his condition reviewed by doctors outside Uganda.


As an MP, he is entitled to health insurance but he needs clearance from the Ministry of Health’s Medical Board to get treatment from abroad.

Parliament’s Communication Director Chris Obore was unavailable to clarify on why Nakawa MP hasn’t received help.


Without government help, Kabaziguruka says he decided to sell off some of his assets to be able to fund his treatment.

“I was required to pay $18,500 in China to have the bones in my right femur grafted so I could walk again. I indeed sold of my herd of cattle for 55Million ($15,027). The money was paid to me on 27th January 2018 which was a Saturday at about 5.30pm,” he said.

“On Sunday night on the 28th January 2018 I was woken up by a loud bang on my bedroom door and before I could process what was happening I saw someone put a panga on my neck and 2 other persons in my room ransacking everything asking for the money I had on me.

“Unfortunately due to my health condition I was completely powerless to do anything about it. They took everything, the money, the parliamentary iPad, my phones, laptop, TV, wireless modem and a few other household items. Fortunately they spared my life despite the fact that they kept telling me that they had been sent to end my life.”

Kabaziguruka says he went to police who helped him arrest 6 suspects, all of who confessed that they invaded him, but refused to refund the money.

“The only items I have been able to recover are the TV and 1 phone.”

Despite his health condition (he had earlier in October 2016 been diagnosed with diabetes shortly after he was released from jail on treason charges), the MP says he has continued to perform duties.

Late last year, he was wheeled into parliament on a stretcher to participate in the controversial age limit constitutional amendment debate.

“I have also endured the pain to attend some functions here and there especially those organized by women groups who are engaged in activities to uplift their livelihoods and those of their families” he says.

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