MP Hopeful Igundura Flexes Cash Muscle at Eid Prayers

Ibanda Municipality aspiring Member of Parliament, pharm who is also the Civil Aviation Authority publicist Ignatius Igundura yesterday outshone his fellow contenders in the parliamentary race, cheap displaying his financial advantage during the Eid Al Adha celebrations.

At the prayers held Rugarama Mosque in Bisheshe Division in Ibanda Municipality, Mr Igundura was the biggest contributor to the construction project of the new District Kadhi building.

 The construction of the house was kick-started by President Yoweri Museveni back in 2014.

 When called to the floor, the CAA boss who has made known his intentions to run for the Parliamentary seat contributed Shs 5million to the project.

 This left most of his known contenders who were present at the prayers in an awkward position

 At the end, one of them Tarsus Rwaburindore sought for redemption, telling the congregation that they should not consider the wealthiest while casting the ballot, but one who has the ability to sort out the new municipality’s needs.

 Another contestant in the race Deus Murinde was even angrier at the CAA boss, comparing him to a hyena.

 Murinde was incensed that Igundura, who has spend nearly his lifetime in Kampala, is now returning home pretending to provide solutions.


“These are like hyenas which only wait until the lion makes a kill; we have fought tooth and nail for this Municipality and now that we have it they are coming back to provide us solutions,” ranted Murinde.

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