MP Francis Zaake Slaps Additional Charges on Seven Security Chiefs

Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament, Francis Zaake has today intimated Private Criminal Proceedings against security officers he accused of torturing him back in April.

It should be noted that Zaake was arrested by security agents in Mityana after he was found distributing food, something authorities said violated President Yoweri Museveni’s Covid-19 directives.

Upon being released, he dragged seven security chiefs who included Wamala Region Police Commandant Bob Kagarura and Abel Kandiho among many others to court on torture allegations.

In an unprecedented move today, Zaake together with his lawyers, Kiiza and Mugisha Advocates has slapped additional charges on the above mentioned at the Magistrates Court of Mityana.

“I have charged Mubende RPC Kagarura Bob, Mityana DPC Mwine Alex, SIU’s Twesigye Hamdan & Elly Womanya, and other officers with 3 counts of Torture; 1 count of Unreasonable Detention; and 1 count of Disobedience of Lawful Orders, among others,” he stated.

In a statement released on his Facebook page on Wednesday, Zaake said his decision was driven by the fear that the state could exonerate them.

“Unlike the usual case where criminals are prosecuted by the State, I have decided to literally take matters into my own hands because I do not trust the same State apparatus that unleashed these criminals on me and is currently protecting them, to again be the one to investigate and prosecute them,” Zaake argued.

“I will stop at nothing to ensure that these rogues in Police Uniform are held civilly and criminally responsible for their crimes and that they do not do to anybody else what they did to me,” he vowed.


Deducting from a suit that is before the high court, his lawyers say that their client was subjected to punches, kicks, paper spray as well as assuming stressful body positions which is contrary to the treatment of prisoners as enshrined in articles 20 (2), 24, 44 (a) and 44 (c) of the Ugandan Constitution.

“Forcing the applicant to assume fixed and stressful positions while denying him access to medication, doctors of his choice, threatened his life and constituted a threat to the protection of the right to life vide articles 20(2) and 22 of the Ugandan Constitution,” the application reads.

Besides that, Zaake’s legal team wants the respondents punished for downgrading Zaake’s tribe and cultural leader Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi in the course of grilling him.

They say that that such abhorrent behavior is contradictory to articles 21 (2), 37, and 44 of the Ugandan Constitution which seeks to protect one from ethnic and cultural discrimination.

“By making derogatory statements against the applicant’s tribe and cultural leaders, the respondents and or their subordinates/officers infringed the applicant’s right to equality,” the application further states.

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