MP Accused of Hiding Councilors at Her House to Block New District Vote

Following the failure by the leaders in the newly created district of Rwampara to elect their interim chairman, an MP in neighboring Mbarara district has been accused of playing a role in this failure.

Mbarara district Woman MP Hon. Rosette Kajungu Mutambi is being accused of helping some of the councilors to boycott the election which flopped twice, and has since been postponed to 2021.

The MP denies these accusations.

In an audio that was circulated widely on social media, one of the Councilors, Ms Anna Kansime accused MP Kajungu for interfering into Rwampara affairs.

Kansime in the audio claims Kajungu hid councilors, Robert Bikye, Alice Nakuya and Muhangi Asaph at her home until the voting was postponed.

Anna says that because of that, that’s why they have refused to vote for the interim chairman because they don’t know their agenda.

Commonsensically councilors including Anna Kansime of Rugando, Kakyara Justine of Bugamba, and Jordan Musinguzi of Mwizi forms one camp that are fronting Jordan to be their chairperson.

The interim district chairman was supposed to be elected by the seven district councilors.


However, ChimpReports understands that council found itself torn on whom to support among two contenders, and those that realized their candidate was poised to lose decided to boycott the election.

Speaking in an interview with our reporter at her home in Nkokonjeru Mbarara, Hon. Kajungu accused Councilor Kansiime of spreading falsehoods about her involvement in the election exercise.

“I have no interest in Rwampara, I am serving Mbarara as Woman Mp,” she said.

I am told she (Kansiime) wants to stand as for Mp but she might have killed her chances now.”

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