MOVIE TRAILER: Money, Power, Greed Eclipse Good Deeds in ‘Imperial Blue’

As the Ugandan movie gets bigger movie makers and actors have spread wings to be recognized worldwide and produce quality movies. Among those is ‘Imperial Blue’ a fantasy movie that features both Ugandan and British actors.

The movie follows a young white man who ventures into Africa to find a miracle herb that foretells the future if eaten. Despite being welcomed, he takes the community’s good will for granted and lets his greed for money which does not go as planned.

Imperial Blue was directed by Dan Moss from London, written and produced by David Cecil and Semulema Daniel Katenda. It also features Esteri Tebandeke, Rehema Nanfuka, Nicolas Fagerberg, Andrew Benon Kibuuka, and Abby Mukiibi.

The producer David Cecil says that making the movie in Uganda was meant to see the industry grow with diversity. “Having worked in film education at Kampala Film School since 2011, I realized that the best way of teaching film was practical experience and there’s nothing more challenging than making a feature film. So we hired apprentices, local professionals and international professionals who had never worked in Africa, so that everyone could learn from everyone”.

“Our mission is to build capacity in Uganda’s film industry. I’m alarmed and depressed by this international attention to Wakaliwood, as if that is all Ugandans can make – i.e. silly joke films. It feels racist, like people are laughing at Uganda. I want to see Uganda being taken seriously and growing on its own terms,” he said.

Imperial Blue premiers in Uganda early next year. Watch the trailer here below.

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