Movie Review: A Look at Uganda’s Top Local Movie ‘Lailah’


After scooping over four accolades including Best Director, Best Actor, Best Picture Editor and Viewer’s Choice Award among others at 2019’s Uganda Film Festival awards, we take you back in time to review Lailah, a local Ugandan movie that was premiered recently at Century Cinema- Acacia Mall.

The movie revolves around a one Jeff who is brought to town by his uncle to help take care of him as well do a bit of house chores.

After securing his position in the home, he seems to have fallen off the right behavioral rail and violates the rights accorded to him and his uncle’s respect as all he does is sleep with numerous girls in his uncle’s house and bed respectively.


Jeff’s fate is yet to change when his habit of picking girls from dance halls turns into a nightmare for him. One fateful day, he seduces Lailah (a student) into going home with him, who unfortunately dies in his Uncle’s house.

The burden of a dead body dawns on him after failing to get it out of the house in several attempts.

Jeff can’t handle it any more as the smell coming from the dead body becomes unbearable, he then decides to buy a sack and put the body in it but doesn’t know how to do it as he does not have a machete for chopping the body.


The hopeless Jeff decides to go to a nearby supermarket to equip himself with the items he needs to get rid of Lailah’s body off his uncle’s house. Being suspicious of his actions, he gets scared on meeting a police officer at the supermarket.

Troubled Jeff hesitates to execute his plan but finally gathers the courage and buys them.

After purchasing all that he needs, he decides to chop the decaying body into pieces so it can fit in a sack. This doesn’t come easy as he goes through several interruptions.

The first attempt was cut short by the untimely return of his uncle after he missed a flight. Unfortunate as it sounds, even when he catches the next flight the following day, Jeff still finds it challenging to carry out his mission as one of his Uncle’s girlfriends is sent for some clothes.

After all the trials, Jeff finally manages to bury Lailah’s body in a shallow pit. This however, doesn’t earn him any peace at all, the unforgettable Lailah still haunts him every moment.

With pressure and fear taking a toll on him, this series of happenings are a minute away from being unleashed. His uncle returns from his journey and he finds nothing but a disoriented Jeff, receiving attacks from Lailah’s ghost all the time.

“Take me home and reveal the truth to my people who spend days with ears abreast to the ground on my whereabouts,” says Lailah’s ghost to Jeff in one of the horrifying scenes.

She forces him to tell her parents what he really did to her if he wants to be at peace.

Lailah Movie crew receiving their accolades during the Uganda Film Festival 2019

At this point, Jeff has nothing to do but narrate to his Uncle the whole story as all he wants is to be taken to prison to pay for his crime committed.

“I am sorry Uncle, you have been so good to me all those years but all I have done is humiliate you. I have been bringing girls to your house in your absentia,” Jeff speaks out.

He goes on narrating how one fateful night got him into big trouble after seducing Lailah (a student) into going home with him as its always his usual practice, unfortunately, the girl dies in his Uncle’s house.

After revealing the information, Jeff is finally taken to police and to jail to serve his sentence on murder case.

Lesson drawn from ‘Lailah’ Movie

The movie sheds light on what Ugandan youths think and do all the time. With the so-called ‘Party after party’ slogan, young people think of only attending social events which come with all sorts of evil.

In these never ending parties, young girls especially those still in school, are impregnated by men as twice old as their fathers. They are in most cases humiliated and sexually abused which results into dropping out of school as well as contracting STDs among others.

The movie clearly teaches young people to concentrate on what is good for them such as going about their education, creating jobs for themselves and leaving what is not right for them to the world.


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