Mothers Urged on HPV Vaccination

The head of the Non – Communicable Diseases Prevention and Control (NDC) Program and commissioner at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Gerald Mutungi has called upon women to embrace Human Papilloma virus vaccination. This he says is one vital way of preventing cancer of the cervix.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Comprehensive Cancer Pathology workshop that was held at Uganda Cancer Institute at Mulago, Mutungi pointed out that cancer of the cervix still remains one of the major killer illnesses and leading cause of other diseases.

As such, he called for vaccination of women from ages 17-49 as a preventable measure. He says the HPV vaccine is available at Health Centers IV as well.

“We now have a vaccine. What we need to do is to go and sensitize the young mothers from 17 up to 49 to get screened regularly. What we need most is prevention and early diagnosis. Because when you are diagnosed late at times the consequences cannot be reversed”, Mutungi implores.

For this to materialize, he said mass sensitization is needed to popularize this vaccination call. That said, Mutungi advised Ugandans to regularly exercise and consume a fruit laden diet to stay healthy.

“The best way for starters is being physically active. Exercising, walking at least for 30 minutes a day. The second one is eating healthy. This means eating a lot of fruits, vegetables a lot of cereals and less of fatty foods”, he advises.

He says cancer can strike anyone regardless of age.

On his part, Dr. Patrick Ogwok the principal laboratory officer at Ministry of Health (MOH) called for proper handling of surgical instruments to stop transmission of infections.


Ogwok also tasked citizens to ensure that laboratories they visit meet quality standards as dictated by the National Health Laboratory Services and Diagnostics (NHLSD).

This workshop targeting Surgeons, Gynecologists, Midwives and Laboratory Personnel was specifically organized to improve Pathology diagnosis for Cancer.


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