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‘Most Wanted Drug Lord’ Arrested in Kampala

Police in Kampala have arrested what they described as “the prominent and most wanted marijuana drug lord” in Kampala.

Kyataka Mukiibi who also calls himself “General” was arrested by police officers around Market Street in Kampala on Sunday.

Mukiibi was apprehended after concerned citizens tipped off cops while he was supplying collecting money from his clients.

According to a police statement, Mukiibi has been “on our wanted list since 2016.”

“His name sufficed on our watchlist after the suspects arrested during an operation confessed and disclosed their supplier,” the statement adds.

After arresting him, police searched his home in Bulenga and recovered huge amounts of marijuana pending to be supplied to Makindye, Kikoni and Kisenyi as reflected his records book.

Among the notable individuals arrested by police for selling marijuana around the town center is a one Mellisa and Alex Tebagalika who have also pinned Mukiibi as the person behind their business.

Mukiibi is being detained at CPS Kampala on SD Reference 79/24/04/2018 as investigations into the case continue.


Marijuana is one the most consumed drugs in Uganda since its cheap and easier to access. Other common drugs on the Ugandan market are crack and heroin.

Most drug users are in slum areas.

A police report in 2016 indicated that by the end of that year, they had arrested 2,163 drug users and traffickers.

The traffickers included 10 Nigerians, four South Africans, three Kenyans, and eight Ugandans.

The age range for those arrested was between 14 and35 years and 95 per cent of them were arrested in Kampala.

Drug abuse in Uganda is mainly attributed to parental negligence and unemployment.



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