Most Ugandans Don’t Share Museveni’s Vision – Minister Kamuntu

Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Prof Ephraim Kamuntu has emphasized the urgent need for political leaders in Uganda to work towards realigning the population to embrace the national development vision and goals.

The minister noted with concern Thursday morning that only a small portion of Ugandans share President Yoweri Museveni’s vision of transforming Uganda into a modern and prosperous society by 2040 and a middle income economy by 2020.

“Uganda has leadership, and there is no doubt that the leadership has a vision,” the minister remarked during a Global Leadership Summit organized event in Kampala.

“President Yoweri Museveni has a vision which is to transform this poor country to become a prosperous and modern society in the long term, and a middle income nation by 2020.”

“The question however, is what percentage of the population is engaged in this vision. It is just a few.”

Minister Kamuntu was speaking in light of last year’s survey of employee engagement by leading polling company Gallup, which found that only 13% of employees in businesses around the world are actively engaged in the activities of the company.

The study found that majority of company workers (62%) are not engaged in the company activities, whereas 27% are actively disengaged and often working against the goals and vision of the company.

But unlike companies, Minister Kamuntu noted that that government’s options in dealing with a disengaged population, are limited.


“The deference between government and companies is that government doesn’t hire its citizens. They are there,” he said.

“In the case of companies, you hire people and if they don’t share your vision, you kick them out.”

“But for government, whether people share your vision or not, you are stuck with them.”

Minister Kamuntu thus called on government leaders to persuade the majority of Ugandans to be engaged in the vision of the country.

Government this year admitted that achieving its Vision 2020 was no longer possible.

According to the Parliamentary budget committee which approved the 2018/19 budget read out last June, Uganda must now focus on attaining Vision 2040 because attaining the Middle Income status by 2020 is not possible.

The Committee members revealed that the previous (2017/18) budget missed the targets of the 2nd National Development Plan by over 50%.

The low score was attributed largely to the budget underperformance at the macroeconomic level, the national strategic direction level as well as the sectoral level.

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