Most Opposition Politicians Are Only Competing for Office, Not to Remove Museveni – Besigye

The opposition strongman and 4-time presidential contender, Rtd. Col Dr Kizza Besigye has accused most of his fellow opposition politicians who are participating in the 2021 election, of seeking to win offices for their own benefit rather than defeating President Yoweri Museveni.

Appearing on NTV’s last night, Besigye said the reason there has not been a successful coalition of opposition parties to oust Museveni is because everybody is competing to win offices.

“We could all have united and remained united in stopping Museveni from appearing on the ballot paper. That was something that could unite us. It was because we were not competing over that but of an office, and you can’t get competitors and say unite. On what basis do they unite? So, competitors for an office will never unite,” he said.

Besigye added that even where there are opposition coalitions, they are always formed after the election.

“If we want to be the forces of change, we must define the right course for the forces of change to bring that change. That, regrettably is what we have not had a convergence of minds on. If we had that, the regime would have gone. If we were that determined and united that Museveni will not appear on the ballot paper, we could have stopped him like the people of Congo stopped President Kabila,” he said.

Regarding next year’s election, Besigye said he decided not to contest for presidency or campaign for Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) flag bearer, Patrick Amuriat Oboi because many people have accused him of indirectly controlling the FDC even when he in 2012 stepped down as the party’s President.

He further lashed at critics who have severally said that Amuriat has no influence and only walks under Besigye’s shadow.

“Why did they capture him (Amuriat) in Kampala and take him as a prisoner to get nominated if he had no influence that they were worried about. He is the only one who was taken to the nomination as a prisoner. That is how he ended there without shoes. I am happy and satisfied with the work that my brother Honourable Patrick Oboi Amuriat is doing.”


“Wanting him to strike out on his own is because what people have been demanding of me is that I lead him so that he sort of appears to remain under my shadow, which I have been accused of all the time. That I am still leading FDC even though I retired from FDC, that I am the one who is campaigning not POA (Patrick Amuriat Oboi). But now, everybody knows this is FDC and POA,” said Besigye.

Responding to the calls by a section of Ugandans who wanted to him to again stand for presidency on the FDC ticket, Besigye said, “You cannot just keep on doing the same thing and hope that things will come out different. I told you I left that script in 2011. In 2016, it was a totally different script. Even when I entered the race quite late, my script was different. It was liberation and organizing for liberation. Now my analysis was, let’s have other people mobilize on the campaign trail. Let’s organize for plan B.”

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