Most Corrupt Officials to be Awarded

As a means to enhance the fight  against corruption in the public and private sectors, Civil Society Organizations have mooted plans to start giving out awards to the most corrupt individuals and organizations.

This is part of what is being termed as the “Black Movement,” which was launched today at the Action Aid offices in Kansanga.

Speaking at the launch, different activists expressed optimism that this new measure of exposing the corrupt will go a long way in fighting the vice.

“We are going to identify the most corrupt individuals in the country and we shall be awarding them,” said Paul Kijji from the NGO Forum Uganda”

Kijji says these awards will assist the public in clearly identifying the most corrupt individuals who have swindled public funds.

Former Minster of Ethics and Integrity Hon Miria Matembe appreciated civil society organizations for reviving joint efforts to fight corruption.

She also asked government show political will in fighting corruption, adding that talking about it alone will not be enough.

Rev Father Gaetano Batanyenda on behalf of all civil society organizations in the country revealed that in this new campaign they are going to ensure that all political leaders in the country are held accountable to the public.


“We have re-ignited collective efforts for all Ugandans at all levels to fight corruption by providing them with all required information needed.”

He asked Ugandans to stay away from corrupt officials, boycott their businesses on top of not inviting any social function.

“Stop praising them in places like churches but you should tell them openly how feel about your stolen money”

The campaign launch comes days after President Yoweri Museveni led and the Anti-corruption walk in in Kampala.

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