Mosques Remain Closed as Coronavirus Scare Rage On


Mosques and other Muslim prayer grounds in Kampala and across the country have Friday remained closed to the public in an effort to deter possible spread of the deadly corona virus.

The action is in respect to presidential guidelines that were announced on Wednesday.

President Museveni announced strategies in which Ugandans can avoid possible chances of catching the deadly virus, among which was closure of worship places.

Speaking to Chimpreports at Kibuli, the superintendent of Kibuli mosque Gotto Hussein Musisi said the mosque is closed down and “we are not going to conduct any prayers but the daily five prayers and the community Juma prayers.”

He added that during this time the mosque will remain closed from the public and it will not be accessed at all.

Police has also deployed at the entrance and the mosque has been cordoned off with tapes.

Apart from the usual prayers, Mr Goto also said that other social events such weddings that were scheduled to happen with in the 32 days have all been put on halt.


“Of course this comes as a precaution because these places of worship bring people into gathering and one way of mitigating the spread of Covid 19,” said Gotto

The Muslim leadership currently is encouraging people to visit other Islamic channels that are giving teachings and other pages that give Islamic information.


“However as Muslims we cannot conduct prayers on social media but we encourage people to conduct prayers from their homes,” he said

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