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More Drama at State House as Banyenzaki Withdraws in Protest

The former State Minister for Economic Monitoring, treat http://cmareno.com/wp-admin/includes/class-language-pack-upgrader.php Henry Banyenzaki has withdrawn from the East African Legislative Assembly race protesting the “flawed” process.

Banyenzaki who was earlier tussling with the main rival Yona Musinguzi for the Western region slot, viagra told his supporters at State House Entebbe where the election is taking place that he could not be part of the exercise he doesn’t believe in.

“I am not subjecting myself to this process because I don’t believe in it,” Banyenzaki was heard saying.

The National Resistance Movement electoral commission chairperson, Prof. Tanga Odoi today returned with new guideline that scrapped the earlier regional basis arrangement and instead introduced new voting rules centered on national merit.

Meanwhile the former Parliamentary Commissioner, Emmanuel Dombo who had withdrawn from the race yesterday, made a U-turn today when the rules were read.

Odoi also took the position of the party Secretary General, Kasule Lumumba and Caucus members are now expected to only vote for six candidates.

Yesterday Odoi had proposed for the party to select and send to Parliament 8 candidates. Parliament would vote the 6 candidates from the 8 sent by NRM.

NRM is repeating the voting exercise today after registering serious chaos yesterday that ensued during tallying.


Members of Parliament were seen facing each other to a near fistfight when the total casted votes surpassed the number of voters.

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