MOH Officials Assault Journalists Covering Marburg Story

National Social Security Fund is set to interface with its customers for the first time at height of accusations the body has been engulfed in over the past months.

The interaction is set to take place at the impeding second Annual General Meeting, order which is slated for October 28 at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala.

At the meeting, web where Finance Minister Maria is expected as chief guest, NSSF officials are expected to explain themselves on the ongoing inquiries into the latest investment the Fund made into shares at Power distributors UMEME.

NSSF Ag Managing Director Ms Geraldine Ssali told press on Tuesday that the meeting is important for the Fund’s transparency.

“It could not have come in at a better time than now when there are so many questions about our investments especially in UMEME,” said Ssali.

NSSF is currently undergoing scrutiny by Parliament over the Sh 70bn shares deal it entered with UMEME where corruption has been cited.

“We expect a lot of feedback from our contributors and other stakeholders on how we manage our business and on specific sectors of investment where they would like to see more things happening.”

At the event Ssali revealed, the Fund will also recognize the best employers in terms of contributions made on the right time, in right amounts as per their legal obligations.


The Auditor General Mr. John Muwanga will present the audited financial accounts for the FY 2013/14 indicating the fund’s performance.
Kampala socialite and businesswoman, pilule Judith Heard has taken to Facebook to rubbish and refute reports that she slept with Togo star Emmanuel Adebayor at his hotel room in Kampala during his recent visit to Uganda for the Cranes-Togo clash.

She continued to say that she knows the person that started the rumor and that their intention was to put her down but that they won’t succeed. She says the whole rumor was started by a hater that wants to tarnish her name.

“You can’t bring me down anymore because when you try I’m not going to let you bring me down. I have learned your games and I have learned to ignore what you have to say, health you can’t hurt me anymore, ” Judith wrote.

“Every time something goes wrong in my life I always end up finding out who did it and how it all started and this morning, I found out the person that started the rumor about me and Adebayor. You want to make me look bad but you end up looking a fool after I get to know it is you that always tries to ruin me.”

Though the rumor showed that Judith spent so many hours in the Totenham Hotspurs star’s room allegedly making love, she says it is all not true. She told friends that she only had a chat with him and that nothing big happened between the two.
Human rights network for journalist has called upon the police to take an expeditious investigation into claims that Ministry of Health official’s assaulted a journalist as he travelled to Mityana Health center on to cover.
Its alleged that October11th; a Vision Group journalist identified as Luke Kagiri, health was assaulted by two men claiming to be Ministry of Health security officers as he covered a story of a man who is suspected to have died from Marburg.

During the scuffle, about it his camera was reportedly destroyed by one of the men identified as, web Joseph Nkogyo who was traveling in a ministry of health vehicle forcing, Enock Matovu and another journalist from NTV scatter for his life when he got access through the rear gate of the hospital.

“The police should expedite investigations into this matter and bring the perpetrators to book. It’s not clear why the duo were blocking any coverage of the matter if indeed they were from the health ministry” said the Uganda National Coordinator, for Human Rights Network for Journalist, Robert Ssempala.

He further stressed that; the ministry should come clean on Nkogyo and his accomplice who took the law in their hands. HRNJ-Uganda will ensure that justice is delivered in this matter,”

In a news release by human right network for journalist the attackers were traveling in a Ministry of Health vehicle Registration number UG 3803/M.

“He warned me against taking any coverage, lest he breaks my video camera before he immediately stepped forward and slapped me on the left cheek, he kicked me and I fell down. When I got up, I just walked out of the hospital, where he together with his accomplice pursued me further” Kagir narrates his ordeal.

According to Kagiri, the other guy got hold of him and pushed him to the ground again before starting to beat him as Nkogyo repeatedly hit his camera on the ground destroying it beyond repair.

“The duo fled the scene upon arrival of commercial cyclists who came to my rescue,” Kagiri said.

The cyclists chased after the vehicle in which the duo was traveling before they branched off to Mityana police post on sensing danger.

Even before the police, Nkogyo is claimed to have assaulted Kagiri further by slapping him four times.

Kagiri has opened a case of malicious damage to his property and assault and deposited the damaged camera at the police, however on recording their statement the two were released on bond.

When contacted for comments, the Ministry of health spokesperson, Ms Rukia Nakamatte said, “I have no details of those persons, I have just heard about the said attack of the journalist in rumors, but that’s something we can investigate. I am waiting for the journalist to call me.”

The area police spokesperson, Phillip Mukasa declined to comment on the status of the investigations into this matter, ” Am not aware of this matter, no one has informed me about it since I was away in another district, but let me follow it up.”

This comes at a time after the ministry ruled out any further Marburg infections in the country after on person was confirmed dead from the disease.


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