Modernize Your Garden with Fruits

Gone are the days when we filled our compounds with non-functional tress with one aim of creating beauty.

Today, functional gardens are the in thing, we make gardens to not only enhance the house beauty but also provide food or medicine depending on your choice.

Here is a guide to creating a functional garden

Plant fruit trees

Fruit trees are multipurpose as they will bring the beauty in the garden, create a shade as well as fruits for consumption.

Betty Kiiza, a landscaper, notes that fruit trees include mangoes, avocados, apples, pawpaws, jack fruits among others.

The big tree fruits like mangoes and jack fruits should be planted a reasonable distance from the house as they may damage it in case the branches break or from the falling fruits.

Fruits like lemon act as mosquito repellants as well.

How to plant them

Since our initial plan is to create beauty, these cannot be planted just anywhere in the garden.

You can choose to align them on the sides, at the extreme left or right.

These can be planted directly in the soil especially for mangoes, but small tress can be planted in decorative vessels to emphasize the beauty.

You can plant flowers beneath the trees to bring out the natural feel more. Betty notes that some people do commercial gardening and make so much money in the vicinity of their compounds.

Add vegetables

Alternatively, you can choose to make a vegetable garden.

John Sempa, a landscaper, notes that vegetable gardens could have tomatoes, cabbages, onions, egg plants, berries, dodo, Nakati among other greens.

These will give you food, make you money depending on how big the garden is, and of course create beauty.

Sempa notes that these can be planted as hanging plants.

They are placed in vessels and hung around the porch, fence walls or tress.

It’s advisable that you use decorative vessels to bring out the beauty. You can also plant them directly in the soil by selecting a portion on the compound sides or most people utilize the back yard.

“This will save you the hustle of buying sauce and greens as well as give you edible beauty in the compound,” he says.

This could also include spices like mint, Peppermint, Stevia (tea spice that tests like sugar, African Basil (for stomach complications) among others

Add herbs

So many people are going herbal nowadays.

You could be one of them. Add medicinal flowers in your compound to attain double benefits.

Herbs planted are usually lemon grass, mint, Parsley, African Basil, Rosemary among others.

These could also be planted in vessels or directly in the soil, they can also make you some money.


A compound is the first thing people look at when they reach your home.

You have to keep it extra clean, most of these fruits, vegetable and herbs attract weeds so you need to weed them often.

Spray once every week because they are prone to being attacked by insects.

Trees like mangoes, guavas and jack fruit shed a lot of leaves and it’s important that you pick them every morning.

You should keep the trees at a reasonable size and this can only be done by trimming and pruning them more often.

Enhance beauty with lamps

For extra beauty and security, most people add lamps in their gardens. These may not necessarily show any magic during the day, but they will surely make a statement at night.

Lights will also help scare away reptiles like snakes and geckos. They could be multicolored or normal depending on your choice.

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