Mixed Reactions as Experts, Politicians Dissect the Uganda Governance Pulse Survey Report 

A survey report of the public perception on the general direction of the country, economy, awareness of the electoral process, political freedom of expression, politics by gender and peaceful demonstration whose findings were released today has got people talking as experts, analysts and politicians weigh in on the results.

The report titled Uganda Governance Pulse was produced by three Ugandan organizations; Forum for Women in Democracy (FOWODE), Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGOF) and the Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLISS).

The report findings indicate that 47% of all people that were interviewed chose President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni as their favorite candidate followed by Hon Kyagulanyi sentamu with 22%, Kiiza Besigye 17% with 11% undecided on who to choose.

A few hours after the launch of the survey report which was held at Skyz Hotel Naguru, different individuals have come out to express their thoughts on the findings.

Hon Ibrahim Semujju Nganda, opposition chief whip, said that he respects the decision of the polls but in most cases the results don’t reflect the exact situation on the ground.

“For me the figures don’t bother me, I respect the work of the professionals but results don’t change anything on ground since not everybody was interviewed,” Semujju said.

He added that as FDC, they are not looking at elections as an exercise ending in January 2021 but it’s the results which will determine their next course of action.

Hon Alice Alaso, the acting Organizing Secretary for the Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) party said that Uganda’s main challenge is that many people can’t link Governance with economy which has led them to wrong decision making.


She pointed that many Ugandans possess more than one party cards and this makes it hard for researchers to establish the actual political party they belong to.

Alaso  added that some Ugandans don’t openly respond to political issues in the country due to fear of what could happen to them after and this could have led to giving of incorrect answers on the political parties they belong to.

Kasese Woman Member of Parliament Hon Winfred Kiiza revealed that many Ugandans are hoodwinked with the peace in the country but are not bothered about better education, economy and health services which have to be provided by the government.

“I am not surprised when the report refers to a real Ugandan as illiterate and when he goes to a health facility, the only medicine he expects is panadol. It’s sad,” Kiiza stated.

She however reminded people that after paying taxes, it’s their right to demand for better services from Government.

Godber Tumushabe, one of the key personnel in this research clarified that the polls don’t represent any contradiction as some people may say but they should understand the true definition of a typical Ugandan.

He pointed out that a typical Ugandan is less educated and they are the majority of the country’s population mostly found in rural areas.

“Politicians in all their campaigns, they should put much emphasis on typical Ugandans who are more concentrated in rural areas,” he said.

Ramathan Goobi, a senior economist, pointed out that people construe public goods as something coming from the goodwill of the people in power and in case anybody criticizes their quality, he is perceived as an enemy.

Patrick Wakida, the Chief Executive officer of Research World international, in his submissions said that this report was conducted in March 2020 before the lock down was imposed and it involved 2,321 respondents spread in 218 parishes in all the 15 regions of Uganda.

The study further pointed out that 23% of the respondents said that Kyagulanyi Sentamu is the suitable person to replace president  Museveni in case he retires followed by Kiiza Besigye with 10%, Muhoozi Kainerugaba with 6%, undecided 4%, 3% say any NRM candidate, 3% any capable Ugandan, Mugisha Muntu 3%, Rebecca Kadaga 2%, Nobert Mao 2% and others.

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