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Mixed Reactions as Bobi Wine Uses Fidel Castro Speech

Ugandans have reacted to Bobi Wine’s speech at Buganda Road Court where he used extracts of revolutionaries’ remarks at historic trials.

Bobi Wine was arrested by security forces as he moved in a large procession to CID headquarters in Kibuli.

He was rushed to Nagalama Police Station for interrogation before being charged at Buganda Road Court with offences related to holding illegal assemblies.

The Prosecution alleged that on July 11, 2018, Bobi Wine conducted an illegal public meeting without notifying police, which is against the Public Order Management Act.

In the said meeting, Bobi Wine along with his colleagues were protesting a government proposed tax on social media use.

Before he was remanded, Bobi Wine gave a speech that captivated court.

“Your honour thank you for this opportunity. I am confident because indeed it’s not me on trial; it’s the court itself on trial. I have not committed any crime. I’m only here because I disagree with the political leadership of this country and in particular President Museveni,” he said.

“But my spirit is confident because I’m here not because I’ve stolen public funds or killed somebody. I am glad that I’m here because I am fighting for them, you (magistrate) and everybody in this country. I am here for protesting against unfair taxation and against injustice. So if I am to go through this oppression and pain for the betterment of my country so be it. At least I know that history will absolve me.”


The ‘History Will absolve me’ speech was delivered 66 years ago (1953) by Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro after he had led rebels to attack Batista’s regime and was about to be sentenced to death.


Researcher Bernard Sabiiti said Bobi Wine “should just stop plagiarizing iconic historic revolutionaries. Bobi, who by the way I feel sorry for, needs to be told that channeling famous prisoners actually shows that he’s faking the emotion, playing Hero, which makes it hard for some of us who have read these famous men (and who think he’s not their equal) to empathize with him.”

ChimpReports understands Bobi has previously released pictures showing him reading books of iconic revolutionaries including Nelson Mandela, Julius Nyerere and Fidel Castro among others.

It remains unclear if Bobi Wine draws inspiration for his political work from the works of such great leaders.

But Sabiiti had no kind words for Bobi Wine: “One wonders, why would he do that, even in court?!! Is he really that phony that he can’t come up with his own words even at such a supposedly personally painful moment?”

Posting on Facebook, Ronald Irankunda observed: “Using the words of the revolutionaries wouldn’t be a bad idea but to some of us who have found out that, it really reduces our Bobi to a comic actor rather than what he portrays himself to the world. But all in all, #PeoplePower #our power.”

However, Sam Mucunguzi said Bobi Wine needs support from Uganda.

“Intellectual dishonest is when, able men fail their souls and bodies in matters that concern them and use every opportunity to discredit men that have stood tall above for humanity. Of what purpose is it not to quote famous words of great men when in struggle?,” wondered Mucunguzi, adding, “I think, he has come a long away and needs everyone’s support especially on the very case he has been arrested for.”

Journalist-turned-lawyer, Ivan Okuda says “History will absolve me,” speech made Castro’s ratings shoot up and the phrase became a popular slogan for revolutionary strugglists in South America.

“I can tell the stuff Bobi is reading from his statements. It’s good for leaders to be readers and I am happy he’s a reader. Bear minimum quality. This court appearance was impressive,” he noted.

Bobi Wine recently unveiled plans to stand for president in the 2021 general elections, putting him on a collision course with the NRM government.

Police maintain Bobi Wine must respect the law by notifying authorities before holding public assemblies.

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