Mixed Reaction as Kitatta Heads to Jail

The family of convicted former Boda Boda 2010 Patron Abdullah Kitatta have decried what they termed as an unfair sentence handed out to him and his body guard Ngobi Sowali by the General Court Martial.

Kitatta and Ngobi were today sentenced to 8 years and 8 months in jail for unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition.

Kitatta’s son Jaffar Lutaaya Kitatta said the punishment was uncalled for to a person like their father who spent most of his time serving the country in various capacities.

” I will not give up on supporting my father, I can’t get ashamed of standing with him despite the fact that a lot has been talked about us as his family,” he said.

Counsel Shaban Sanywa, the lead defense counsel in the matter vowed to appeal against both sentence and conviction, saying the trial court didn’t consider a number of important factors in law before reaching the position.

Sanywa says court convicted his clients basing on the weakness of their defense (failure to produce CCTV footage from Vinetea hotel) yet it was prosecution’s role to produce it.

However, some people were happy with the sentence while others are thought it was too soft.

Mustapha Mayambala, one of the leaders of Taxi drivers in Kampala said this sentence should act as an example to everybody.

NRM women league publicity secretary Nakagiri Kyeyune addressing journalists

Nakagiri Kyeyune, the 60-year-old publicity secretary of NRM Women’s League in Rubaga division said Kitatta deserved more than this punishment because he did a lot in destroying norms and the NRM image in Kampala where people blamed all his personal misbehavior on the party.

“We fought to bring this government in power but these people who have tarnished our image were only acquiring wealth to build posh  houses yet hospitals lack medicine”

She added that Kitatta and the group were excited with the little power they had and thus misused the chance they had of  changing communities.


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