MISR Publishes Inaugural Scholarly Journal

Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR) has issued a journal, viagra the very first publication since its establishment in 2012. The MISR review as it is known is a collection of contributions from doctoral students from within the African continent and think pieces from scholars around the world. The journal broadcasts intellectual work undertaken at MISR and offers a platform for scholarly debate.”

The Institute’s Director Prof. Mahmood Mamdani during the launch on Friday said; “the publication of a journal mark a milestone for MISR’s PhD program and will play a role in the generation of knowledge production. He told Chimpreports that the journal will be published twice every year.

Contributors to the inaugural journal include Haydee Bagyezaho, capsule Laury L. Ocen, sale Simon Omaada Esibo, Akoko Akecha, all PhD students at MISR and an article by Prof. Mahmood Mamdani on ‘the historical significance of the post-apartheid transition in South Africa. Other topics range from mass violence in Kenya’s Rift Valley, post war peace and justice and land restitution in Burundi.

Prof. Kuan-Hsing Chen from Chiao Tung University in Taiwan who gave a keynote hailed Prof. Mamdani whose work he said is grounded in many African countries and represents various cultures.

“There’s need to open a channel between African intellectual circles and the rest of the third world like non-English speaking Asia and Latin America. Journals are an essential pathway in introducing sources within our cultures to other cultures,” Prof. Chen noted.

He unleashed criticism towards the imperialistic invention of ‘a nation state’ which he said is divisive and non-progressive.

“The third world must begin to produce grounded knowledge as opposed to the idea of thinking that we need to catch up with the advanced world. Africa for example has produced many reputable scholars,” he added.

The Principal College of Humanities and Social Sciences Prof. Edward Kirumira welcomed the idea of a scholarly journal by MISR which he said will foster critical thinking and sharing of ideas. He challenged, we challenged, students to focus more on local affairs which provide a lot of content for such publications.

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