Mirundi: NRM Poor Youth are Conmen

Police in northern Uganda have reaffirmed their search for the Fuso lorry driver that led to the fatal accident in Koch Goma (Te-Okuto) who is still on the run.

According to Jimmy Patrick Okema the Police public relation officer, this web http://clark-illustration.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php the 5th   February 2015 accident left 7 people dead and 25 people seriously injured and rushed to St Mary’s Hospital Lacor and Gulu Referral hospital.

The accident came when the lorry’s front tyre burst, mind getting it out of the driver’s control. The vehicle, malady http://ciprs.cusat.ac.in/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-direct.php Okema said was dangerously overloaded with business people traveling for auction day in Purongo Sub-County Nwoya district.

He noted that following the accident, Police intensified its operations and investigations into the identity of the driver who had only been identified by his pet name”Mutoto”

“We want him to record his statement but we cannot trace him.  We plan to seek information about the particulars of the owner of the lorry, from URA, using the registration number, and this should take us to the culprit.

“As police we are committed to see that justice is served soon after the arrest of the driver,” he said.

Okema warned members of the public to follow road safety rules and regulations and stressed that Police would embark on rigorous impounding of vehicles and arresting passengers who fail to follow them.

He also advised venders to use enclosed vehicles to access their market places and report scenarios of careless driving, drunk driving and dangerous loading.


Sadam Ismail, information pills http://clubebancariositape.com.br/wp-includes/theme.php one of the leaders of a controversial NRM youth splinter group, malady http://davepoulin.ca/wp-includes/ms-settings.php ‘NRM Poor Youth’, page has abdicated his position, marking the beginning of a possible downfall of the organisation that had given the ruling party’s leadership sleepless nights.

The group was formed last year at a time when then Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi was facing stiff resistance from President Museveni’s political and security strategists over the former’s perceived presidential ambitions.

This association of the radical NRM youthful members would later participate in street protests in defence of Mbabazi who they said has a right to seek any elective office in the land.

Several NRM Youth leaders were jailed only to be rescued after peace talks between Museveni and Mbabazi at State House, Nakasero.

ChimpReports understands the political group had started growing popular until recently when one of its leaders, Habib Mboowa confessed that he was being used by Mbabazi’s allies, particularly, Capt Emmy Katabazi, to defame Presidency Minister Frank Tumwebaze on social media platforms.

Katabazi denied the allegations.

On Wednesday, Sadam said he decided to quit the NRM Poor Youth, a group he said was formed with the purpose of “enforcing internal democracy in our party and also popularizing Uganda next President hopeful John Patrick Amama Mbabazi,” because it had been “hijacked” by radicals and self-seeking individuals.

Reasons of quitting

“I have officially quit and retired from all NRM Poor Youth activities. And I pledge that the whole public associate with me individually and not as a member of any faction until further notice of my destination,” said Sadam, as he is fondly called by his peers.

“I was born a leader and you will see me anywhere and anytime. It will surely be unfair for me not to let the general public know the general cause of my quitting from NRM Poor Youth,” he added.

“The supreme current occupants hijacked this faction from its original founders. NRM Poor Youth Forum belongs to a one Kirekyankuba Richard who lives in Bwaise and must be the supreme leader. But sycophants overshadowed him and deprived him proprietary rights and consolidated it at his expense,” he charged.

Sadam says the current leader who “calls himself the husband of the faction is no longer a youth and he therefore distorts and abuses the nature of this forum gender.”

It is understood Sadam was referring to either Isa Kato or Adam Luzindana, both in their 30s.


He further stated the “forum has abused and embarrassed the personality of Amama Mbabazi ever since it was turned to be a political-business venture, hence losing trust and followers from the general public.”

Sadam cited the advertisement for Buyinza Group Company owned by Luzindana, adding, “It is a showbiz room for its supreme leader’s cars and property.”

He also disclosed that the forum has “promoted sectarianism among the youth of this nation, which is an ideological atomic bomb to the future of our country.”

Members of the group recently expressed concern it had been infiltrated by radical elements preaching hatred.

Sadam revealed that initially the group was meant to champion NRM Muslim members’ interests only to be rejected by President Museveni as divisive.

The youthful politician said the “forum is ideologically bankrupt and doesn’t meet systematic modern democracy. It was forced to pronounce its supreme hijacker as “Putin (Luzindana)” and in one of the meetings the suggestion was passed as a declaration, in addition to worshipping him as a god. Its supreme leader was not answerable to anyone in the forum.”

He maintained that despite the presence of a fully constituted committee to veto sole decisions, Luzindana was never questioned about his dealings and decisions.

Sadam concluded: “Upon above grievances, I have released my self from all the duties of such a faction. It does not meet standard of its initiation and I caution any person to contact or deal with me about NRM Poor Youth issues on his or her own risk because I am no longer part, member, agent, leader in any sect of this faction, and I therefore excuse myself from any liability that will arise out of its future activities.”
Controversial and provocative presidential spokesperson, pill http://ctabuenosaires.org.ar/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/functions.photon.php Tamale Mirundi, website like this http://costpricesupplements.com.au/wp-admin/maint/repair.php has lashed at the NRM Poor Youth Group, http://clinicalresearchsociety.org/wp-admin/includes/revision.php describing them as “conmen,” setting a stage for a bitter confrontation.

The Youth Group which supports former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, recently issued a statement, calling for the arrest of Mirundi and President Museveni’s private secretary, Major Nakalema.

The youth accused the state officials of “arrogance” and denying them access to the president.

But Mirundi said the youth should engage in commercial projects to better their economic conditions instead of being beggars and engaging in “blackmail” of government officials.

“Being a youth is transitional, nobody can be a permanent youth. It’s at this level of being a youth that somebody lays a foundation for his/her future. There are many African proverbs to prove this. Among the Baganda an old rabbit sucks the breasts of its children. Another proverb says that what you do during your youthful years determines what you will be in your old age. I am therefore disappointed whenever I see the so called youth asking for handouts whenever they meet the president,” said Mirundi.

“Many of the so called youth leaders across the board are largely conmen who depend on extorting money from the public. Do they think that in their old age, they will depend on extorting money from the public? Since they are conmen, they want to extend their behavior to statehouse. This is the reason why they use news papers to blackmail, intimidate and abuse committed state house staff like major Nakalema. They wrongly believe that she can succumb to their intimidation,” he added.

The youth claim that Major Nakalema shouted at them when they tried to storm a meeting in Kisozi last week. They further allege she described them as “Kissekka hooligans.”

Mirundi said, “It’s true that president Museveni invited a group of youth led by honorable Kibuule. When the conmen led by Luzindana (Adam) got to know about this meeting, they hurriedly boarded vehicles to force themselves into the Kisozi meeting. Major Nakalema was informed by security that there were a group of youth leaders led by Luzindana to storm Kibuule’s meeting. This conmen group wrongly believed that they would storm Kibuule’s meeting which flopped.”

The presidential publicist further said that having failed to gain entry to the meeting; they believed they would attract the president’s attention by shouting, saying that security had mistreated them.

“Security wanted to arrest them but on their bended knees pleaded to be forgiven and asked for transport to go back to Kampala. Security informed major Nakalema on their plea. The president agreed that they should be paid money to go to Kampala and told them never to go back to State House without an appointment which the teary Luzindana agreed to,” added Mirundi.

“Therefore attacking Nakalema will not succeed. Instead of expecting handouts from the president, they should think about development projects. I would be happy to hear that Omodo Omodo has bought a boda boda to help passengers in his home town than peeping though State House fence.”


Adam Luzindana Buyinza fired back, describing Mirundi’s comments as “very unfortunate.”

He further said Mirundi “is attacking me and he has been fighting me now for two years. How can Mirundi state that I led a group to Kisozi yet I was in Kampala with members of NRM Poor youth? I have never begged to meet Museveni and I will never.”

Members of NRM Poor Youth were today arrested in Kampala as they held a protest.

Despite holding a series of meetings with the youth group at State House Entebbe, Museveni still has a long way to go in reuniting them ahead of the 2016 presidential elections.

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