Mirundi: Museveni Isn’t Scared of Losses, But His Team Isn’t Telling the Truth on Arua Chaos

Former Presidential Press Secretary Joseph Tamale Mirundi has dismissed assertions that President Museveni is going rough on his opposition, because of the losses suffered by his party, the NRM in the last few parliamentary elections and by-elections.

Mirundi said Tuesday that Museveni, being a fighter recognizes and has always conceded defeat, but is being let down by his team.

“Museveni is a fighter and he admits losses,” Mirundi said on NBS TV.

“What did he do when he lost to (DP’s Brenda) Nabukenya in Luweero, or to Karuhanga in Ntungamo where his wife comes from?”

“These are losses; a fighter must concede losses,” Mirundi noted, adding however, that the president’s closest team has mostly been at fault.

While giving an assessment of what transpired in Arua last week in which one person was shot dead and dozens, including MPs detained, Mr Mirundi said the president’s communication team provided misleading information.

Mirundi went on to downplay the narrative that supporters of Bobi Wine and MP Kassiano Wadri attempted to kill the president by throwing stones at his car.

Mirundi said if there was an assissination attempt at the president, many people would have been shot dead and that the structure of command (of the SFC) would have been changed.


“We have the convoy commander; we have the one in charge of the routes and the one who monitors. How come, a hostile group of Bobi Wine and the group of NRM met at the same time when the President was moving out?” queried Mirundi.

“If you say there was an assassination attempt, many people would have died; that is clear. They attacked (President Jomo) Kenyatta in Kisumu and the entire town was shut down for 7 days.”

“An assasination attempt must be followed by a badge. If that doesn’t happen then that wasn’t an assassination attempt.”

“The president’s team has failed to explain what happened and they are now changing goal posts.”

Last weekend, while speaking on the Capital Gang talk show, Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said the SFC was reviewing the Arua incident and was likely to take action against the people who were in charge of the President’s convoy.

“I can say, the Special Forces Command is reviewing how Special Forces intelligence could not detect in advance, that the route they were going to drive the president through was unsafe,” he said.

“Most likely, the operation commander of that day in Arua is being reviewed; could be disciplined.”

However, when reached for a comment, the SFC spokesperson Capt. Jimmy Omara said had not heard of any ongoing discussion in the elite force about reviewing the incidents in Arua or penalizing the commanders.

Tamale Murundi joins the ranks of other critics of the official Arua narrative, including senior journalist Andrew Mwneda, who opined last week that Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, who is now in military custody on alleged possession of fire arms, was mostly likely being framed.

“I am now suspicious that SFC soldiers broke the windscreen of the president’s car to justify their killing of Bobi Wine’s driver and his brutal arrest and torture and the violence they inflicted on the people of Arua town. I am even more suspicious that the guns allegedly found in Bobi Wine’s hotel room were planted there by security organizations to justify their wanton acts,” he said in a social media statement.

However, during the TV show today, Tamale Mirundi downplayed Bobi Wine’s purported rising political prowess.

“Bobi Wine is inflated,” he said.

“A woman no matter how beautiful cannot conceive a child without man. Bobi Wine has no political structure.”


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