Minster Elioda: I Underestimated FDC’s Virginia Mugyenyi

Science and Technology Minister Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye has said he was nearly overwhelmed by the strength of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in his home district of Sheema, and described his recent election victory  as miraculous.

Tumwesigye, who abandoned his constituency of Sheema North, contested and won the MP seat for the newly created Sheema Municipality.

He however, narrowly defeated the FDC candidate Virginia Plan Mugyenyi, whose strength he said he underestimated.

The Minister polled 13590 votes, while Mrs. Mugyenyi came in close with 11489. The latter is challenging the election results.

“It was only God’s grace that I won,” said Tumwesigye. “I never knew that Ms. Virginia was strong like that; I mean even some of the cabinet members thought I was going to lose.”

He added, “When I received the first results from Kabwohe I saw the margins, I remembered Jesus Christ’s words on the cross; ‘It is finished; I tell you I will never forget that day,” he said.

Speaking at a congratulatory party at the ICOBI offices in Kabwohe, the minister said when final results were announced, he immediately ordered drinks for his supporters.

Attacks Media


The minister however, attacked journalists, who he accused of colluding with the FDC party to tarnish his name.

The minister claimed some journalists like Damba Wizil of Bukedde (who was beaten by his supporters and hospitalized) was paid by the FDC to soil his name.

“Some journalists like Sheikh Abdulatif, Damba Wizil and others were paid by FDC,” he claimed.

He claims the reporters came with some bodaboda riders to his offices and started throwing stones, and that his supporters in the scuffle that followed the journalists were injured.

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