Ministry of Tourism Launches SOPs for Tourism Enterprises

The Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities has launched the Standard Operating Procedures for the Tourism Enterprises to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Tom Butime says the guidelines were produced in consultation with stakeholders and aim to support the private sector to recover from an unparalleled crisis with public health as the primary concern.

At the launch that took place at the Uganda Wildlife Education Conservation Center Hon Butime added that Tourism Enterprises should ensure operational and staff preparedness, delivering a safe experience, follow general health and safety protocols set by the Ministry of health.

Others are social distancing, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene, disinfection, health and safety communication, health and safety training.

Tour agencies and their service providers shall be required to keep updated daily guest and visitors lists of contacts and physical address, ensure tour vans and transfer vehicles are properly cleaned and sanitized before, during and after the trip.

Travel agencies are also called to encourage online booking, encourage use of smart/automated doors to minimize touching contaminated surfaces, develop COVID-19 travel risk assessment plans to assess any potential risks.

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