Minister’s Car Attacked On The Road

President Yoweri Museveni has praised the church in Uganda for standing up against ‘immoral and incorrect’ behavior such as promiscuity and homosexuality.

This, pharmacy Museveni said has provided a strong foundation for the family and helped households and society to prosper. He also urged the youths to put God at the Centre of their marriages.

“I appeal  to the  youths in Uganda to embrace marriage as a form of commitment and faithfulness to God and  the churches to reinstate marital behaviors to graduate youths and young people if Uganda is to have responsible generation of happy families which create peace and harmony in the country” said president   Museveni.

The President made this call on Saturday through State Minister for Economic Monitoring   Henry Banyenzaki at the wedding reception of the Kabale district youth chairperson Samuel Arinaitwe and Doreen Kwikiriza Nkundiye at Kirigime Guest House in Kabale Municipality.

The President lashed at irresponsible youths who fail to put God first in their marriages and instead resort to alcoholism, approved smoking, gambling, and drug use, which in turn, endanger their own lives.

Museveni, who donated five heifers worth five million shillings to the newlyweds, commended the youth chairperson for his tireless political mobilization for the National Resistance Movement youths in Kabale and Kigezi Sub Region.

The state minister for Northern Uganda, sales Rebecca Amuge Otengo survived death together with her driver, security and other occupants when the car they were travelling in was attacked by unknown people with a huge stone on Sunday evening.

The incident, currently under police investigation, took place in Oyam District over the weekend.


The minister who is also the Woman Member of Parliament for Alebtong district was using her official car when a huge rock was hurled from the bush, hitting the driver`s side and smashing the windscreen as well.

The Minister's car that was attacked; Right is the stone used to smash the window
The Minister’s car that was attacked; Right is the stone used to smash the window

According to Otengo, the assailants possibly wanted the driver to lose control so that the car could overturn and kill them all. She says they luckily escaped unhurt.

“Some ill-intentioned person used a stone to hit our car and it seems their  target was to hit our driver and cause the car to overturn. The rest would be in the book of history now.” Otengo said in a short statement on social media.

Otengo said she reported the case to police after doing the same to God, who made her survive the deadly incident.

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