Ministers Applaud NWSC for Services Extension

In a bid to connect more villages to clean and safe water, National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has been undertaking some major projects for the month of June to extend water to villages in Kasese, Ibanda, Nebbi Sembabure and other villages.

Recently NWSC engineers were in Kasese to extend piped water to Mirambi, Ntambi, Kisojo and the surrounding areas in.

While there, they were joined by Woman MP for Kabarole district, Peace Mutuzo who is also the state minister for Gender and culture.

State Minister for Gender and Social Development participants in digging a trench for laying of pipelines to extend water to Kasese people

She, with a number of other residents joined the NWSC team to show support for their services

‘NWSC has been doing a great job as far as connecting water to our people is concerned. We commend you for that’ she said

In Ibanda District where NWSC is working on several projects including Rwenkobwa-Nsaasi, Nyabuhikye -Kayenje, Rwomuhoro-Kanoni, Ruyonza Nsaasi, Ishongororo – Ibanda water stabilization plants, Igorora-Kinkyenkye project among others, the team met with the Ibanda County South, Hon John Byabagambi who is also the cabinet minister for Karamoja affairs.

Hon Byabagambi commended NWSC for extending water to the people of Ibanda district and other parts of Uganda.

“I’m impressed with NWSC accountability systems and stakeholder engagements. Thank you for the work in Ibanda” he said


Other areas where NWSC is undertaking works include Parombo-Nebbi town, aimed at improving access to clean water to the community in Parombo community.

‘We are also laying 17KM water mains to serve Rwebitakuli town and surrounding communities in Mawoogola south Sembabule district. The project is under the Scap100 Programe that has seen many villages and communities get connected to piped water,” notes an NWSC official.

Earlier this year while giving the state of Nation Address, the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni said the government is aiming at having at least, one safe water source per village in form of bore-hole, protected spring or pipe-water. A total of 11.3million Ugandans are now using piped water

Currently Rural water coverage is now 71% while urban coverage stands at 80%

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