Minister Tumwebaze Urges Youths to Use Technology for Self Employment

Minister for ICT and National Guidance has advised elite youths to take advantage of the available technology to create jobs for themselves.

The Minister says if a student is skilled in technology, it is impossible to fail to get a job or create their own.

“Apart from Oil mining, another resource that actually doesn’t get exhausted is data mining. If you have been skilled, you can use this information you have been given to earn” he said

Minister Tumwebaze was speaking to students of ISBAT University during the official launch of 3 new platforms all aimed at enhancing their studying and sharpening their interaction skills

The University on Tuesday launched Blended Learning Platform that students can use to access education materials through a well-designed and artificial intelligence controlled App at all times.

The platform will also help students to access online study materials, tests, discussion forums, online assignments and submissions, academic activities as well as help them to connect easily with the administration and the outside world.

The other two platforms include a Skilling platform that focuses on skilling students with advanced and current employment demands, and an E-Sports platform aimed at improving student’s intellect and artificial intelligence.



Minister Tumwebaze who officiated at the launch commended ISBAT university for being innovative and always improving their curriculum to fit current times and urged other University to do the same.

“Times are changing; the problems of the world are no longer the same as they used to be. We need new approaches, starting from what we teach and how we teach our students in higher institutions of learning” he said.

He revealed that government through the instituted Fourth Industrial Task fourth, is reviewing the current curriculum especially for Science and Technology studies so that it can be changed to improve efficiency of the students.

The Chancellor, ISBAT University Hon Fred Jachan Omach asked government to extend efficient internet services to all parts of the country so that these new innovations are not limited to urban areas

“Our University and other institutions are doing a lot in technology innovations that can improve the lives of people but these will be useful only if they can easily be accessed by the intended users. Farmers in the village and students who are studying in villages should have the same privileges as people in urban areas”  he said

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