Minister Tumwebaze Urges Posta Uganda to Adjust to New Technology

The Minister for ICT and Technology Frank Tumwebaze has advised postal services provider Posta Uganda to adopt fast to new technological trends or face collapse.

The minister said Monday that the 65 year old company must adjust its services to the changing digital climate, shop and only then will it be able to catch up with the speeding technological developments.

In the past, cheap Posta Uganda which is owned majorly by the Finance Ministry was only known for moving letters in envelops from one point to another, drug more so in schools and public offices. Indeed, the company still has over 300 offices in different parts of the country.

“At my secondary school I used to send letters to my girlfriend using Posta Uganda but now it’s not as necessary as then, because children use technology and the message is transferred very fast  which may take days for Posta to deliver’’

While addressing the media at the Uganda Media Center, Minister Tumwebaze urged the leaders of Posta Uganda to introduce transportation services for bigger packages and also track them using for instance GPS technology just like the Uganda Revenue Authority does.

“In Kamwenge, Arua, Mbarara, Jinja, Gulu and many other districts there are offices of Posta Uganda. Even if they are not in a good condition they can be renovated, noted the minister.

If rejuvenated in the fashion or better, the minister believes Posta Uganda can regain in past glory, by becoming the cheapest and quickest means of transferring goods and services in the most secure way in the whole country.


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