Minister Tumwebaze Clarifies: No Museveni – Besigye Talks

Government has distanced itself from reported talks between President Yoweri Museveni and his long term opponent Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

The talks which are supposedly slated to be announced soon, buy are a media creation according to Information Minister Frank Tumwebaze.

Media reports claimed yesterday that the said talks have been simmering for months and have been ‘blessed by both principles Col Dr Kizza Besigye and Museveni.’

The reports purported that a number of modalities has already been agreed upon by both parties, thumb such as who would be involved in the talks, the venue and the mediator.

The preparations reportedly involved on one hand the Office of the Prime Minister and opposition FDC’s technical team on the other.

Minister Tumwebaze however, has dismissed these reports and accused the media of creating them to help keep Dr Besigye relevant.

He reiterated that government has no idea about the said talks, describing the report as a scheme to give Besigye relevance after his defiance campaign hit the snag.

The government media outlet, the Uganda Media Center also reaffirmed this position, tweeting this morning that while government isn’t opposed to dialogue, there is currently no such ongoing talks.



FDC’s Deputy Secretary General Harold Kaija also expressed ignorance to the talks while responding to the story yesterday, saying that none the party’s set conditions have been met yet.

He described the story as full of “maneuvering and spinning”

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