Minister Seninde Calls for Yoga Class In Schools

The State Minister for Primary Education Hon Rose Mary Seninde has urged teachers around the country to learn Yoga and teach it to students.

The Minister says yoga is good for the students’ physical and mental health as they go through the education system.

“Yoga is not a vigorous activity and it does not require equipment yet it does a great deal of relaxing the body and promotes mental stability for our students,” he said.

Speaking at the International Day of Yoga Celebrations held at Kololo independence grounds, Hon Seninde said while she has never done yoga herself before, she was for its formalization.

“I have never done yoga before but it is generally good. It does not require equipment. It is about relaxation which is good for our students. There is nothing you need. Teachers of Physical Education should learn Yoga and teach our students because it is good for internal body organs” she said

The Indian High Commissioner to Uganda Ravi Shankar said Yoga is not just a set of exercises to keep the body fit but a passport to health assurance, a key to fitness and wellness.

“Yoga makes us better individuals in thought, action knowledge and devotion. It brings about oneness among the mind, body and intellect. We begin to understand ourselves much better which makes us understand others better,” he added.




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